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I encourage you to post all this on your facebook page

I encourage you to post all this on your facebook page

I posted the info below on my facebook page, and I encourage others to do the same, to get the word out. Look for me at Marion O'Grady Lindsay.

The BC SPCA knew about the sled dogs in Whistler's deplorable condition and treatment long before 100 dogs were shot in Whistler, and did NOTHING. If you want to donate to real animal rescue donate to your local no-kill organization. Or to Animal Advocates Society of BC, who receive constant complaints that the SPCA will not address or rectify:

Oh, yes, and the BC SPCA is suing Animal Advocates Society, possibly spending SPCA donations for a court battle (it hasn't answered the many people who have asked it where the money comes from), for what Animal Advocates has written on their website. All that is on their website is provable. The president of Animal Advocates has had to put up her house as equity to help in her court costs.

BC SPCA head of animal cruelty Marcie Moriarty, said the SPCA would have acted had it known the dogs were going to be slaughtered.

The man who killed the 100 dogs asked the SPCA for help.

Moriarty said it’s not the SPCA’s responsibility “to take on their issues ... to suddenly make a phone call and say, ‘I have 100 dogs that need placing;’ that’s not an answer to their business operation’s issues,” said Moriarty.

“If we had any indication they would have been executed we absolutely would have done something.” But she added it’s likely they would have still been euthanized.

“What people have to realize because of the way they’re raised they’re not highly adoptable animals. Maybe a few could have been adopted but these dogs are on tethers 90 per cent of their lives. Is it fair [Outdoor Adventures] profits — get thousands of dollars from tourists and not have a retirement plan? Is it fair they would dump them on the SPCA and then we’d have the pain of that euthanization?”

My response to this is: It is unacceptable that the SPCA just ruled out these dogs as unadoptable without looking into the matter at all or seeing the dogs individually, and with no thought of rehabilitation and fostering of these poor animals.

I recently lost my yellow lab/husky cross, Kito, that I got from Animal Advocates Society of BC a number of years ago. He is another dog that caused complaints of abuse and neglect to be sent to the SPCA and again they did nothing to help Kito. Animal Advocates told the SPCA if he ever ends up in the pound, please give Kito to them. But no, they gave him instead to Big Dog Rescue, who later was in trouble later with the SPCA for their mistreatment of animals. Kito was chained for about 6 yrs to a basement stairwell, according to a neighbour whose complaints to the SPCA went unheeded.

The head of BC SPCA said that the tethered husky cross dogs in Whistler could not make good pets and are unadoptable - too bad they don't practice REAL rescue like Animal Advocates Society. Kito made a great pet, after being rehabilitated by Animal Advocates and myself as his owner. He just needed to learn that there are some people that are cruel but fortunately there are still many who are kind to animals and will love them the way they deserve.

Read Kito's story here:

And is it OKAY that these dogs are on tethers much of their lives, as Moriarty quoted??? She knows this and states this and does nothing about it????? Where is the "prevention of cruelty to animals"????