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Child in stable condition after dog attack in Inuvik

Child in stable condition after dog attack in Inuvik

Child in stable condition after dog attack in Inuvik

February 14, 2011

Yellowknife, N.W.T, - The RCMP responded to a dog attack on Saturday in Inuvik, which injured a young child who was flown to a hospital in Edmonton for surgery.

Constable Derek Young said the dog was tied up and was not provoked when it attacked the child.

“It wasn't a random sudden occurrence. The child approached the animal from what we believe, and it was not provoked. The child may have been playing with it, but it wasn't to the point that you know,NO WE DON'T KNOW an aggressive playful behaviour or anything such as that. It was just the child approached and the dog attacked.

Char's comment: So was the child allowed to enter the chained area and play with the dog or was it just the child approached. Not very straight facts considering someone was there watching.

The child lost a significant amount of blood with injuries to the face, back and legs, but received surgery and is now in stable condition.

Young said the dog seems to be a husky mix and is a sled dog. Young adds the child was being supervised at the time of the attack, and an adult managed to get the dog off.Char's comment: Great keep the poor dog chained and frustrated and then supervise your child while it plays with a potenially dangerous weapon. Who loses, the child and this dog with it's life. Human stupidity and total lack of respect and feeling towards other living creatures.

The Inuvik RCMP are detaining the dog, which is scheduled to be destroyed with permission of the dog's owner.

Char's Comment: Just an afterthought. This child now. I wonder if he will be taught compassion towards animals regarding what happened or go on to mistreat when he becomes older because no one will explain that chained dogs should not be. One lesson for sure is that dogs are disposable.