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Where did the sled dogs come from? *LINK* *PIC*

Like most thinking people, I'm saddened by the brutal way the Whistler sled dogs were killed. When the story broke, the local newspapers were full of photos of Whistler "sled dogs". There were Huskies and Malamutes of course, but also German Shepherds, Hounds, Labs, and I even saw what looked like a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer in a harness.

Where did these dogs come from? How were they acquired? Surely they weren't all whelped on site. The company certainly didn't consider the dogs a valuable asset worth maintaining. Whistler Outdoor Adventures is running a business. Dogs in our society are so easily and cheaply acquired, that it made business sense to simply dispose of them when bookings dropped off. That is the truth at the root of this tragedy.

I wonder if any of the dogs dumped in the mass grave were tattooed or microchipped? Who sold these dogs into the conditions they lived and died in? Do the authorities have the stomach to address the real issues here?