Animal Advocates Watchdog

We as a collective group have to fight back


OTTAWA--The Canada Revenue Agency on February 5, 2011
published new regulations governing animal charities which would
revoke the nonprofit status of any who oppose vivisection, hunting,
trapping, the fur trade, seal-clubbing, animal agriculture, and
any other legal use of animals.

Wow! Have they been thinking about this? Sad they weren't thinking about more important matters concerning animal welfare. Talk about bullying and controlling. Freedom of speech, written or spoken is to be stifled? Really? They wonder why people don't support them. But hey money and control is in their hands. This really infuriates me. I'm speechless. We as a collective group have to fight back. This is just sooooo wrong. What? They are afraid we might stop the brutality of vivisection, god forbid seal clubbing and the others listed. This has to be dealt with. Our government has the power to change the charities act so that it still allows organization that only benefit animals to issue tax receipts as in the U.S., but this is a government that aggressively pursues cruelty and wants to punish those who defend animals. The NDP and the Libs defend the seal hunt too. But being punished by government isn't going to stop real animal activists from speaking for animals.