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Petition to Canadian Parliament to ban shock collars *LINK* *PIC*

It's time we started providing animals the care that sentient beings deserve. Please participate in our movement to help animals live pain free lives by supporting the movement in Canada to stop the sale and use of electric shock collars on dogs, cats, horses and other animals as enlightened countries such as Wales have done.

Statements from many world renowned and respected veterinarians, animal welfare groups, animal behaviourists and 'qualified' trainers all denounce shock as cruel, painful and unnecessary .Scientific provide undeniable evidence to substantiate the fact that shock administered as punishment or as a training tool is simply animal abuse. Yet, misinformation is put out by those profiting from shock devices insisting that shocking an animal is not painful and that there are absolutely no negative side effects. As with any abuse, violence begets violence and studies show that shocked animals are more prone to attacking other animals and people. Studies ( ) also show that the stress and pain that electric shocks cause create serious potential for long term physical and emotional damage.

There are strict rules governing a petition to Canadian Parliament ( ) and signatures must be original, not copies, and signed by Canadian residents only. There is no age restriction as long as you can sign your name. The best way you can help is to copy the petition, have as many people as possible sign it. Everyone is welcome to sign the electronic Global petition too ( ).

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Petition to Canadian Parliament to ban shock collars *LINK* *PIC*
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