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I ask to be present at his death *LINK* *PIC*

I ask to be present at his death

I asked to at least be able to be present when they killed him which was the next day in the morning. I went and I spoiled him with treats. I wanted to show him that, through all of treatment from the organization that was created to help him, he did know love and he loved me in return.

Rest In Peace dear Tyson

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Why did the SPCA kill Tyson? *LINK* *PIC*
I ask to be present at his death *LINK* *PIC*
I type whilst tears run down my face
Does the BCSPCA have a soul??
They kill with impunity and this is the terrible truth. There should be a higher body above the BCSPCA that could look at why this dog was killed
Unfortunately there aren't enough rescue organizations to save all of the animals that should never have gone to the SPCA *LINK*
$300 and no home check for a severely anti-social dog
This story tore me up. I will never get over what they did to tiny Munchkin *LINK* *PIC*
OMG - this is SO HORRIBLE!!! I had NO idea shit like this was happening here
Yes, indeed they did murder him, but in a most dispicable way
Boston was lucky, I wish Tyson had been