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Lucky for this little dog the SPCA...

Lucky for this little dog the SPCA neglected to use a scientific assessment test. Had they done so, the dog would most likely have been killed as unadoptable.
In this case they walked away with their $300 and gave the dog to to people they did not know, nor did they know how the dog would be treated in his new home.
Just an other case of bungling, all pointing to incompetent management.
It is fortunate that the present caregivers know how to treat the little animal and thereby saved it's life.

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$300 and no home check for a severely anti-social dog
I tried to help Tyson and they killed him *LINK* *PIC*
Lucky for this little dog the SPCA...
I often think about what would have happened to him if my husband and I hadn't adopted him that day
Walking the same concrete is like reading the same newspaper every day - how boring would that be for us?
And the Delta SPCA wanted to kill Cheech! *LINK* *PIC*
Good for you for having the courage to speak out against the lack of SPCA ethics
Another dog with severe problems sold by the SPCA