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Another dog with severe problems sold by the SPCA

My son also got a puppy with little ease at the Surrey SPCA. This pup also had lots of issues as even at 4 months he had already suffered abuse. For the first year we had him, he scared the life out of me as he is a big dog and would continually lunge and snap at us. One night he actually had me trapped in my bed as he had snapped at me all the way up the stairs. I thought once i got into bed that he would stop but he wouldn't, so I had to phone my son to come home and get him. At that point I nearly took him back to the SPCA,, but couldn't bring myself to do so.It was only after some time that we managed to get him calmed down and now after many years he has settled down and is a great dog.

Our dog was adopted out by the SPCA with a number of issues, yet Titan and Tyson never got that chance, even with lots of people trying to champion their cause. How can the SPCA turn their backs on the knowledge and advice of the loyal volunteers they have, when they depend on them so much to walk their dogs, otherwise these poor dogs would sit in their kennels all day long.

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$300 and no home check for a severely anti-social dog
I tried to help Tyson and they killed him *LINK* *PIC*
Lucky for this little dog the SPCA...
I often think about what would have happened to him if my husband and I hadn't adopted him that day
Walking the same concrete is like reading the same newspaper every day - how boring would that be for us?
And the Delta SPCA wanted to kill Cheech! *LINK* *PIC*
Good for you for having the courage to speak out against the lack of SPCA ethics
Another dog with severe problems sold by the SPCA