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I too had to resign in pure frustration and anger

Hazel, I admire you for your courage to carry on as long as you did.

I have worked with the SPCA for many years, first on Saltspring Island and then in Nanaimo, both in the shelter and on the board.
I was lucky, on Saltspring I was in charge of animal welfare, so that definitely was a No Kill, though we did not handle dogs, only cats.

Then in Nanaimo, before and during my time there, the shelter manager had told SPCA head office that any killing would be done only over her dead body and we loved her for it.

However, thanks to head office, she had to resign due to serious stress problems. So yes, I was lucky as far as the NO Kill policy went.

But I too had to resign in pure frustration and anger because of the incompetence and arrogance of the SPCA's top management.
A number of very capable members at the board of directors also left for the very same reasons.

So I know exactly how you feel and what you went through and you did more than could be expected from anyone.
I am also sure, there are many others with similar experiences. We need many more people of your caliber and then perhaps, one day the top of the BCSPCA may fall and make way for people, who will truly understand animal welfare.

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I too had to resign in pure frustration and anger
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