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A goat is not a vegetable

A dish described by the restaurant as "vegetarian" being served at the SPCA fundraiser contains goat cheese, but a goat is not a vegetable and a dish containing goat cheese is not vegetarian. Goats suffer the same excrutiating pain and cruelty as do all factory farmed animals:

PETA: 'Kid goats may be boiled alive to make gloves, and the skins of unborn calves and lambs—some purposely aborted, others from slaughtered pregnant cows and ewes—are considered especially “luxurious.”' (

The production of meat almost always contains far more cruelty than is thought. But it is up to an animal welfare organization to think of animals not of money.

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SPCA Director claims the BCSPCA doesn't "get any government funds at all"
Same Director holds fundraising dinner where dead lambs are used to raise money *LINK*
A goat is not a vegetable
She does not know what government funding is!
SPCA Directors don't know where the money comes from?
Selectively choosing which animals to enjoy with your glass of wine while raking in money
When I worked at the SPCA this was NOT true