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SPCA Directors don't know where the money comes from?

Sue Wrigley does know, in my opinion, that the SPCA receives government funding when she states that the Trail SPCA has contracts with four cities. That's completely clear. You can't say that you get no money from the government, and then carry on to talk about your government contracts - Yikes!

Would it be too much to ask that people on the SPCA's Board of Directors get a clear manual along with their position, so that they know such basics as where the money comes from?

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SPCA Director claims the BCSPCA doesn't "get any government funds at all"
Same Director holds fundraising dinner where dead lambs are used to raise money *LINK*
A goat is not a vegetable
She does not know what government funding is!
SPCA Directors don't know where the money comes from?
Selectively choosing which animals to enjoy with your glass of wine while raking in money
When I worked at the SPCA this was NOT true