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When I worked at the SPCA this was NOT true

In reply to "Secondly, the shelter keeps the animals until they’re adopted. No animal is euthanized unless severe behaviour or health issues prevent adoption." After having worked at the Kamloops SPCA branch for a miserable 6 months, I can say for certainty that this statement was not true in 2006 and from all I hear from angry and saddened volunteers, it's still not true. I don't believe they keep all the animals until they are adopted. Most of my time spent at the Kamloops SPCA was using loads of bleach and making the shelter look 'presentable' to outsiders whereas animals were not getting the attention they deserved. They were made sick, left scared, then killed because they sneezed or were scared or the shelter was too full, or whatever other excuse there was. Of course, they won't tell the public any of this. Does a sneeze constitute a severe health issue? What about being scared and shaking in the back of a kennel? It certaintly did in the branch I worked at!

The dinner is another example of the hypocrisy of the BCSPCA. What kind of organization 'speaks for animals' then serves hot dogs and burgers from factory farmed animals at their fundraisers? Or lamb!?

In my opinion this media release is just another ploy to get more cash, which would be fine if it went to what it is supposed to serve (animal welfare), but some animals will still be neglected and the SPCA will keep sending out untrue press releases about their practices.

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When I worked at the SPCA this was NOT true