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Karen Kwan: SPCA "Volunteer of the Month" says, "I was told by management in my meeting that volunteers were NOT THE CORE of the organization"

Dear Mayor Dianne Watts and Council,

I have sent Mayor Watts this email through the City web site. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

I would like to comment on how little the Surrey SPCA appreciates its volunteers as this is volunteer appreciation week.

National Volunteer Week - BCSPCA salutes its 4,000 volunteers. Emotions just swept right up while reading this. Valerie Sigler, Manager of the Surrey shelter says, 'Volunteers provide vital expertise in our 37 branches across the province'... and 'We couldn't thrive without them." I volunteered regularly on many days for 6 years with the BCSPCA and was terminated on October 22, 2010 with another consistent and dedicated volunteer for having emotions and opinions regarding saving a dog that they were euthanizing. I guess being loyal and dedicated with the organization, but having emotions and opinions are not to go hand in hand. Too bad I can't take back that 7 day dog walking program that I and others got up and running for your shelter. 10 more volunteers resigned and some withdrew their donations regarding the lack of compassion and reason that was given for this dog's death and the bullying treatment given to volunteers. I was told by management in my meeting that volunteers were NOT THE CORE of the organization and they could pretty much survive without them. 11 volunteers offered to pay money to fly the dog to a rescue in the States that a staff person had contacted--management ignored and denied any requests.... all this vital expertise with us knowing the dog and all our efforts helping out wherever possible was not appreciated whatsoever. That dog was named Titan, remember that name, and there were many more. He was put to death in the cold burn room on Friday, October 15, 2010. The new animal behaviourist from the States that they had just hired as their head office's general manager had deemed the dog unsuitable for rehoming due to its breed... she had NEVER met or assessed the dog! Many of us were allowed to walk, train, and cuddle with this big loveable boy! Does that ring any bells with the sled dog massacre..... Thanks for appreciating us. We know the animals did! Titan was shown on Global Noon Hour News Adopt-a-Pet one week, then euthanized the next.

Karen C. Kwan
'Volunteer of the month' in the BCSPCA Feb 2010 issue of the Fast Track newsletter 'Out of 4,000 other volunteers across B.C. for going above and beyond the call of duty.'
Surrey, B.C.

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