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B. Pengelly: "Volunteers are useful only if they keep their mouths shut"

BC SPCA salutes its 4,00 volunteers

If only that were true, but sadly, it is not. Over the years many caring
dedicated volunteers have been terminated or have quit because they dared
to 'speak for the animals' when the SPCA would not.

In the latter months of 2010, at the Surrey Shelter, 2 volunteers were fired
and at least 10 others left voluntarily because of the euthanization of a much
loved dog named Titan. More time was requested for Titan and alternatives given
but the SPCA would have none of it. He was to be disposed of and so he was.

Volunteers are useful only if they keep their mouths shut. Power and control
are of utmost importance to the SPCA and it matters not how much a volunteer
contributes to the animals' well-being the SPCA will not tolerate dissent.

After being contacted the SPCA's own Board of Directors would not look into
Titan's case. Apparently they stand as one and they too entertain no dissent.

To honestly value the volunteers the SPCA would need to listen to the people
who know the animals well, abandon their quasi-military style of operation and
treat volunteers as near equals, not mere pawns.

Until then, I don't believe it because I know better, I've been there.

B. Pengelly

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