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Judy Daser: "Most of the employees had no idea what dogs were even in the shelter, you had to ask a volunteer"

Dear Mayor Dianne Watts and Council,

I am writing to you regarding the Surrey SPCA.
I don't think people realize how the BCSPCA actually treats its volunteers.
I was a volunteer dog walker at the Surrey SPCA and volunteers were treated as people
who should be seen and not heard. No one that worked there ever
bothered to ask me my name, I was ignored when I went into the office to
ask a question and when I went in 1 minute before 9:00 (office hours)
to use the washroom prior to walking the dogs - I was told they were
closed and the door was shut in my face. If you were to ask someone
that worked in the office about a certain dog - most of the employees had no
idea what dogs were even in the shelter. The volunteers were the
ones to ask if you wanted to know about an animal at the SPCA.

I do not feel that some of the things that go on at the SPCA are in the best
interest of the animals. I resigned as a volunteer after a
beautiful Dogo Argentino was put down (there were many before
him but he was the last straw). I walked this dog and played
with him and all he wanted to do was soak your face with one
kiss. Many volunteers tried to offer solutions to no avail. No
one that worked at the SPCA would even listen to a volunteer -
people who actually worked with, knew and loved these dogs.
There were several options available to the SPCA and they chose
to euthanize. Many volunteers resigned and two long term,
caring volunteers were terminated for showing emotion. I am
totally disgusted with the SPCA and I let everyone I know how
they actually treat their animals.

There is one true statement in what the SPCA says - they could
not carry on without volunteers - if only the SPCA believed and
acted on what they say.

Judy Daser
Eversafe Ranch/Doolittle's Animal Rescue

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