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Airedale Mix-Langley Shelter-Originally from the US-To be killed today.

Hi folks,

There is an Airedale mix in the Langley shelter who has been there since January. He will be euthanized on Friday because he bit what appears to be an inexperienced volunteer. He did not draw blood but did bruise the volunteer. The volunteer was attempting at the time to discipline him for chasing a rabbit. Apparently, he has a fairly high prey drive.

The dog appears to have come originally from an animal control facility in the US -- probably California, according to Avid -- so I expect that the shelter will not take him back. The Langley shelter people say he is a very nice dog but is fairly dominant. He's good with female dogs, has not been allowed to play with small dogs, does not like cats and likes only some male dogs. He is a big boy at around 80 pounds. The shelter staff has been giving him obedience training. He is apparently very smart and learns very fast. They are terribly upset that he will euthanized if no new owner can be found for him.

Any ideas?

Please let me know soonest if you can think of some way to help this dog . . ..

Maureen in BC


This seems to be more proof that some dogs "rescued" from U.S. pounds really are being dumped at our pounds. Some rescuers seem to think that some of their rescues being dumped into another pound, and then killed, is unfortunate "collateral damage". Where is this dog's microchip or tattoo so that it can be traced to the person or organization that arranged for the dog to come from a California pound?