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Back yard lamb slaughter in New Westminster *LINK*

On Saturday April 15, our neighbours two doors down from us slaughtered a lamb in their backyard. Everyone could hear the lamb bleating and then silence. My husband ran down the lane but was too late-the hosing down of blood had started. From our deck you could see the neighbour taking the skinned carcass into his shed to hang. We made eye contact and it wasn't very nice. Apparently this is their religion (eastern orthodox-they are Romanian) to slaughter a lamb at Easter. Well, that's all very well and good, but bear in mind that we are in a residential area of New Westminster and if they really need to do this at least do it at the abbatoir. I called Animal Services and they attended, but apparently this is a health issue so it was reffered to the health dept. Anyway as my reward for speaking up, we have had animal feces thrown into our yard, carport and driveway three times so far. I then reported it to the police who said they couldn't really do anything because we couldn't actually prove anything; although they did admit it was really coincidental in the timing. Anybody have any thoughts on this?