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I had no choice. I had to move. We sold our house and moved on.

I just wanted to thank you for addressing the issue of 'women who steal dogs'. I felt relieved to read that so many other women take this risk into their own hands, and especially to hear that others have gone so far as to move.

Although I never stole the dog, here is my familiar story.

I bought my first home with my boyfriend a few years back. We fell in love with the little house and the beautiful trees. I was so excited about this new home and anxious to explore the neighborhood and meet my neighbors.

Our kitchen window overlooked the neighbors back yard. Shortly after moving in while doing the dishes I noticed a beautiful husky in the back yard. Then I noticed that it was on a chain. I soon realized that his chain was not very long and he spent long hours alone.

I assumed that when the owners came home they walked him or let him into the house. To my dismay I was wrong. That poor dog never left his chain. I found it agonizing to watch him get all excited when the neighbors came home only to be ignored as they simply walked into the house never finding the time to even say 'hello' to him.

Weeks went by. The owners never let him into the house and never walked him. He was living a life a solitary confinement - for no apparent reason.

I worked at home so I saw him everyday. I would walk into the backyard to make sure he had water and I'd bring him a bone or cookies. He was very friendly and affectionate. I discovered that he was an unneutered male, which for any dog, but especially a husky, must have been excruciatingly difficult to being confined to such a small space.

I called the SPCA and talked about the situation. They gave me the usual answer, 'if the dog has adequate shelter and water-than it is not considered abuse'. I gave up calling them. That answer is not based on any real compassion.

I finally asked the neighbors if I could walk him. I starked bringing him with my two dogs out for long hikes. He loved it. I fell in love with him and could not bear leaving him alone all the time.

I asked the neighbors if I could buy him. I remarked that he got along so well with my dogs and that since they were never home, Bart (the dog) could live happily next door.

They took offense to my request and would not let me walk their dog anymore.

Things got worse. Bart spent his entire day and night stretched to the end of his chain staring into my kitchen window. Everytime I walked to the car or outside my door he would start howling...long sad howls.

I felt so terrible. I could not sleep at night. I kept thinking about him lying in his dog house, lonely and alone. And certainly he must have been wondering what other terrible thing he had done to be neglected by me and the dogs as well.

I had no choice. I had to move. We sold our house and moved on.

Two weeks after we moved I found out the neighbors rented a house down the street where they had a fenced yard and Bart was off his chain.

I felt some releif but my heart is still saddened by the lonliness he must feel and the lonliness all other dogs must go through in similar situations.

My experience was so devastaing. I thank you for all your efforts, you do a terrific job.

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