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I would like to think I'm an honest law abiding citizen

I would like to think I'm an honest law abiding citizen, after all I once worked for the police dept and currently work for the Surrey School Board..both which ask for background checks. However I did commit a crime one time..but am glad of it. Here's my story.

My friend lives in Lillooet or did at that time. As soon I visited her she said "thank god you are here, the people next door went on holidays and locked their cats/kittens in a shed."

Since I was a little kid my sister and I have been bringing home critters of all sorts. I didn't want to go....nope had enough animals and ironically the reason I was visiting her, is my common law hubby and I were considering breaking up as he said no more pets! This went against my nature I was considering what options to take.

Well I did go...walked over there munching on potato chips...suddenly 4 kittens a med size cat and a small mother and male cat appeared..they literally crawled up my leg and pulled the bag from out of my hands...frantically eating the chips. I knew then I would take them all.

The people were last seen three weeks prior preparing for a holiday, leaving the cats locked into the shed with a once long gone bag of food. What the heck were they thinking!!!!!!

I set the alarm for 4 am...grabbed a burlap bag....and knocked the shed door down. Gasp me..all of 101 pounds...I did it. Cat napped all the cats!!!!!!!!!!

Arranged for a ride back to Surrey as I had taken the train and arrived home to find my neighbours all in a row waiting to help clean the kitties as they were covered in feces from having pooped all over themselves in the box driving home and covered with flees. It has a nice ending...kittens all found loving homes. The three older cats were adopted by my sister, spayed and neutered and given lots of love.

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I would like to think I'm an honest law abiding citizen