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Why aren't these people rescuing Pit bulls on death row in SPCAs and pounds in BC?

B.C. has hundreds, perhaps thousands of Pit bulls and Pit bull X's sitting in SPCAs and Pounds waiting to be adopted or killed.
My personal experience is that there is no Pitbull rescue Group willing to take even a perfect, and I mean absolutely bomb-proof, adult pitbull from Vancouver Island.

I have also found that getting foster homes for Pit bulls is unbelievably difficult no matter what the temperament of the dog. The group I am with, that saves dogs of all breeds in Victoria, has one or two women who have graciously helped on occasion.

Is this enough? Not a chance.

I keep having Pit bull advocates tell me how wonderful the breed is and in many cases I must agree.

My question is now: who is going to actually step up to the plate and help the good dogs sitting in cages in Victoria today?

Is it ethical to import puppies from Ontario to BC and save them while young Pit bull adults and puppies in BC are killed?

Sometimes I truly wish the energy spent spouting statistics and talk by the so-called Pit bull rescuers in BC was spent saving lives. I have listened enough, I need to see some action from these advocates.

There are many Pit bulls in SPCAs and pounds all over BC that need rescuing and they need it NOW!

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