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The resignation of Phyllis Gregg, the BC SPCA director for Kitimat, November 2004

I resigned from the BCSPCA Board of Directors for numerous reasons. Howard Gray (also resigned)
outlined some of the reasons which are very valid and good reasons, but there
are several and I am trying to be very careful with all that I say. I can't
give you word for word what my resignation to the Board was because some of my
reasons were directed at certain people, who I cannot name.

I was on the Board of Directors for almost 2 years and was highly disgusted in
the manner that things were handled at the Board Level. But after Rick Sargent
was voted in things seem to have improved for the better. Fellow Board Members
treated other Members with respect and valued their opinions on Board

After Rick resigned I saw a change in the direction of the Board once again
and not for the better. I feel that the Board of Directors should take their
jobs seriously and take control of the Society. When they were voted in, they
took on the responsibility of being accountable to the Public, Donators and
most of all, the number one priority, the Animals.

Due to cutbacks at Shelter levels the staff has been trying to deal with the
overflow of animals and substantial duties to the best of their ability. I
feel this Society is too top heavy and the cutbacks should be at the top not at
the Shelter level where real animal welfare is happening. We have gone from a
Society that consisted of 9 people at the Head Office to 35 plus
. With that
large of a staff at the Admin Office things should be going alot more smoother
and there should not be any discussion of closing shelters. But once again why
have we got a Board of Directors when the Administration Staff is running the show and
not the Directors.

I know that we need the input but when a Board decision is made and then staff
don't comply and do what they want without repercussions and are then permitted to
do as they please, then the Board should be disbursed and the Admin staff
should all be terminated
and get people involved who want to do a good job and
the animals are number one, not people who only concerned with making large
amounts of money which, by the way, is supported by the public and Government

The BCSPCA's slogan is WE SPEAK FOR THE ANIMALS and now its time that the Board
of Directors and Admin staff started doing just that. People donate because
they want to help animals not to pay for an over staffed Admin Office.

I could go on but I would be ranting and I have tried to step back and watch
and I am seeing that over 100 years of service the BCSPCA has given is going
down the tube due to a political scam called organizational renewal.

Phyllis Gregg

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