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Love animals, ban fur imports

Love animals, ban fur imports

Published: Saturday, December 24, 2005

Re: Canada needs to take a tough stance on animal cruelty: We soon may be one the last legal markets for items trimmed with fur from cats and dogs. Barbara Yaffe column, Dec. 22

Barbara Yaffe pointed out correctly that to avoid cruelty to animals Canada should introduce tough laws. As a human, I feel sorry that the fur of cats and dogs is traded as a commodity and that innocent animals are denied the right to live.

In our eyes, the life of animals become valueless just to satisfy the fur requirement in our daily course of life. How selfish and merciless we are!

A complete ban on fur imports and local restrictions could minimize animal cruelty.

Please be animal lovers, not killers. As compassionate Canadians we should preserve animals' right to live.

Hanif Patel