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Legitimate petition for Didsbury dog *LINK*

From: paula james
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 1:32 PM
Subject: IMPORTANT INFO to ALL Canadian Animal Lovers!

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that there is a legitimate and meaningful way to help Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada today! We have a legitimate Petition going to Gov't (for Daisy-Duke, Didsbury dog) with a lot of Political Support! Now we need to let the Public, all Communities, everyone involved in Animal Services in Canada (and anyone who owns a pet) know, that we're counting on your support to help get this Bill passed after many years of Parliamentary Debates! Please see this very important information and support in any way you choose! Let's start protecting our animals without hurting industry sectors or environment, before Gov't wastes years more of taxpayers money debating animal law instead of protecting them! Letters to MP are the best option, but MP's are also counting on a large # of signatures on Tamara's Paper Petition especially! This one has to be printed, signed and returned by end of DEC! <Please help spread the word about Tamara Chaney's "Stop Animal Cruelty Petition" started for "Daisy Duke", dog-dragging victim in Didsbury, AB. This same Petition is also available online now started by Miles Albrecht for his daughter's mutilated rabbit "Midnite", in Medicine Hat, AB. These are in support of Bill C-373 , to toughen fines, etc without hurting those in animal industry. I want everyone to be aware that there are many other Petitions To Stop Animal Abuse and Cruelty, but some are in support of Bill S-213 calling for rejection of this Bill and writing another that many believe could have negative effects on animal industry. Please be sure you are educated before you sign! Clarification of differences are at ! Also, many petitions circulating will not unfortunately, be recognized as legal as do not contain Bill #'s, addresses or missing other important information, please make sure it is truly legitimate before signing! I do have more information, letters from Tamara and Miles, etc if you would like to view these as well please e-mail and I will send them, but be warned they are quite graphic. Pease feel free to support this cause in any way you can!
The best scenario would be if everyone could take a moment to write to their MP found here, .

And, if you'd like, print, sign and return Tamara's Paper Petition at , by end of DEC!, time?

Then Miles online version available at will be printed and submitted along w/ Tamara's as support and pesented to Parliament by Myron Thompson and Mark Holland . Please make sure all required information is filled in on either so they may be verified or they won't count! Duplicate signatures will result in one being rejected. Please take a moment to help us show the Gov't how much our animals mean to us! This show of support is a crucial step forward, our laws are so outdated, there has been no significant change since 1892! It's time to show the Gov't changes are necessary immmediately to protect our animals and give them a voice! Thank you everyone for your time, I know we are being bombarded with petitions lately and felt it necessary to clear up some misconceptions and thanx for everything you currently do to help animals!
Paula James

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