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Langley Advance: Activist's letter fishy *LINK*

Langley Advance

Friday, December 15, 2006 10:28 AM

Animal welfare: Activist's letter fishy

Dear Editor,

Ms. Fruno would do well to step down from her animal rights soap box and live in the real world [Aquarium costs future generations, Dec. 5 Letters, Langley Advance].

World-class aquariums and the like help establish important bonds between animals and humans who would otherwise have less appreciation for the intelligence, beauty, and majesty of these creatures.

And when did aquarium mammals become sentient? Or at least more sentient than cows killed for food and leather, or seeing-eye dogs which must control (read: deny) their very nature in order to serve mankind?

One could argue that "wild" is somehow different from "domestic," but such labels matter little to the animal.

And how are wild salmon less sentient than wild dolphins? Are both not equally aware of and sensitive to their environment? Has the "profit-driven exploitation" of salmon become so socially unacceptable that we should cease fishing?

Dolphins may be much smarter than salmon, but are dumb humans less sentient than smart ones?

Ms. Fruno continues to prove that fanatics are the most notorious hypocrites.

Jack Chambers, Langley

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Langley Advance: Activist's letter fishy *LINK*
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