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The website is hosted by the Center for Consumer Freedom

Just wanted to make sure everyone takes the writings on this website ( with a grain of salt. The website is hosted by the Center for Consumer Freedom which has a lot of negative issues with the animal protection movement.

Personally, I would get my information from another source.

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PETA workers on trial for cruelty
The "Angels of Death" argument
For those who are interested in the PETA trial, daily updates are given on a website
The website is hosted by the Center for Consumer Freedom
The other source I found today is the Roanake-Chowan News Herald
PETA Trial, Day 1: Jury Selection, and a Bombshell *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 2: Jury selection: PETA lawyers reject "animal lover" *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 3 : Bodies in bags *LINK* *PIC*
Lots of bodies in bags every week for years
PETA Trial, Day 4: Toby, Annie, and a Drug Bust in the Making *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 5: Ray, along with her co-workers, operated under the impression that PETA would treat these healthy animals "ethically." *PIC*
PETA Trial, Day 6: The defense begins *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 7: Why would a "shelter" need a freezer for the bodies of the "sheltered"? *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 8: Surrendered dogs can be killed before the ink is dry (that is the law in BC too) *LINK*
PETA Trial, Day 9: The defense has rested *LINK*
Re: PETA Trial, Day 10: "Not guilty" but PETA hypocrisy revealed - argues that the animals IT kills have NO VALUE
PETA's Work in NC *LINK*
The very definition of animal welfare is on trial
Yes but....
This trial is not based on an infraction of an animal-ethics law
Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Blaming the victims - impound workers take the moral high ground *LINK*
Sadly, it appears to me that PETA as a whole, has strongly immoral policies