A Petition to Change BC's Dangerous Dogs Act

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A letter from petition organizer, Karen Stiewe:

November 12, 2012

Over the past few years, seizures of dogs by Dog Control Authorities have been on the rise throughout the Province.

This law gives Dog Control Authorities absolute powers and we have been working on getting this law changed by approaching MLA’s throughout the Province with the attached Petition to amend the Law.  Government petitions must follow the rules which I have also attached.

Here in Kelowna, BC, Shadow, the Malamute was held in the Kelowna Dog Pound for 15 months before release; in Comox,  two Newfoundland dogs, Chum and Champ, were held for 9 months and luckily were recently given “interim release” pending the Judges verdict on Dec. 6th.  However, the dogs’ owner, Mrs. Edith Manseau passed away from the stress of the impoundment of her beloved pets and was never reunited with them. Another German Shepherd dog Terrace has been held for 7 months pending trial on Dec. 10 and 11.  My own
German Shepherd dog
was confined for 5 months. We are doing everything we can to help in these cases.  Dogs are being confined long term in short term facilities pending court dates often a year away due to court backlogs.  This is animal cruelty!

The dog “Diesel” has now been held in Kelowna for 20 months!  The owner, Mr. Dave Smith, is now seeking to appeal the Provincial Court Judge’s decision to destroy Diesel. Diesel was assessed by court expert behaviorist Gary Gibson as non-aggressive, but the Judge said he did not have the ability to grant a conditional release under our Community Charter BC Law. The Supreme Court hearing is scheduled for Dec. 17th and Rebeka Breder is confident the case has good chance to succeed. The problem the owner has is lack of funds to support the Supreme Court case and we are desperately trying to raise funds to support this case, not only to save Diesel, but also because this case has the ability to change how our DD Act is interpreted by Judges and legal authorities.  Diesel’s case will decide between two Supreme Court rulings:  one ruling says that Judges cannot grant conditional release; the other ruling says that Judges can.  

Is your organization able to assist with legal funds which could be paid directly to the Solicitor, Ms. Rebeka Breder in Vancouver?  Also, are you able to approach MLAs in your area with the Petition to Amend the Community Charter?

Kind regards,
Karen Stiewe
Kelowna, BC

Print the petition      Read the Community Charter section on dangerous dogs