August 28th, (News1130) As the SPCA calls for tougher dangerous dog legislation. At least one Surrey councillor is agreeing it's time to toughen up the rules to ensure public safety. Surrey City Councillor Barinder Rasode says she is ready to re-evaluate the rules surrounding dangerous dogs in light of recent dog attacks in Surrey. Rasode says she could see tougher legislation, or even a ban on certain breeds in Surrey. “If the SPCA came forward to council with a proposal we would certainly not only discuss that proposal but send it out to public consultation…and maybe a ban is what we need to look at."

This is a Surrey Pitbull whose suffering was not relieved by the BC SPCA.  It is dogs like this that the SPCA and the City of Surrey will subject to "tougher legislation" to protect the public.  Should the BC SPCA be in the business of protecting the public from dogs or protecting dogs from the public?  What do you think?  Let us know, send your opinion, or your story. If you have one, include a photo of a Pitbull or other breed that has been banned in other jurisdictions and we will add their stories on this page.