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Chuck's story is too typical.  He was bred, sold and dumped at a pound, we don't know how many times before we found him and bailed him out at the age of 18 months to keep him from being killed at the latest pound he was in. Big, untrained, cross-breeds are killed by the thousands every year in BC, just for being big and untrained.  There are no laws against all this money-making by breeders and disposers - SPCAs and pounds. AAS bought Chuck, had him neutered, shots, and got him into a foster home and then into a new home.  But it failed because of illness.  The next one failed because of a marriage that ended.  We began to despair for Chuck until we found Maureen Gabriel.  We'll let Maureen tell you what Chuck means to her...


Chuck has been a part of my family for over two years and I think he was destined to be here with me and his best friend Tyler Beans – my14 year old Beagle.  I fell in love with Chuck the first time I saw him and after several visits to see if he could feel the same way about me AAS allowed me to adopt him.  Right from the beginning I knew that he would be a trusted, much loved friend and that his home for the rest of his life would be with me.  Chuck is a wonderful companion, he is smart and funny and loving and protective and frisky and adores going for long walks and chasing his ball.  Chuck loves routine and knows exactly what should be happening on any day at any time – he makes me laugh with his antics when his alarm goes off and he comes to tell me its time to have dinner or go out or go to bed.  Sometimes I wish that Chuck had found us sooner so he didn’t have to go through everything that happened to him but I am very grateful that he will spend the rest of his life with me and I do my best to make up for his other unhappy endings.