Animal Advocates of B.C.

"They come into our lives with their love and light and then they go, 
and we have been profoundly blessed and shown how to be better beings. 
~Judith Stone

In Memory of "Cha Cha"
Remembered by Amanda Muir

February 2007:

Cha Cha only came to live with me for the last 10 days of his life after spending 16 years alone in a yard. He was skin and bones, blind, deaf and could barely walk or even stand when I found him dying alone on the snow-covered lawn of his 'home'. I asked to take him home and his 'owners' asked 'Why'.

Cha Cha was groomed by a fellow rescue gal who had to shave all his hair off to make him comfortable.  His hair was matted to his skin and full of mud, dirt and sand.  Once he was groomed he was taken to the vet where AAS stepped in to take care of his medical bills and needs.

Cha Cha died 10 days later in my arms.  He died with dignity and was loved, even if only at the very end of his life.  Thank you AAS for all you do for dogs like Cha Cha and so many others.