Animal Advocates of B.C.

In Memory of "Jakey" (Hansome Boy)
August 1999 to October 2002
Remembered by Kim Belcher and Wayne Adare

He arrived, life would never be the same……..

 Jake came to us in December 1999, he started out as a sick abandoned little puppy who weighed a good 40lbs at only 4 months.  He was found at the Lonsdale Quay by my sister and her children and they were not about to turn their backs on this scared big little puppy.  We got the call and thought we could take care of him until we could find him a home, needless to say the moment we saw him, he would never be alone again.

 Right from the get go Jake was “The Observer” you could never show him enough, he wanted to know what everything was, whether a plane, boat, birds, fisherman catching fish, his head was always up making sure everything was the way he knew it to be.  If not, he had to go and learn what it was; even a well-trained dog had his limits.  This is why Jake loved to follow children, like him, they found everything new and exciting.  Jake's favorite time was a toss up between fresh fallen snow up on Cypress Mountain and Black Berry season when every walk was snack time.  You could never be lazy around Jake, once rested he’d throw his bed around then his head and make a lot of noise (I think he was saying get off your butt, time's awastin'). So off we’d go ahikin'. 

Jake greeted everyone the same, he knew everyone was special.  He had plenty to say - AAARRRARAAAARRRRAAAARRRAARRRR - all of you who knew him will remember that, along with an uncontrollable body-wag made everyone smile and have a good laugh no matter how many times they experienced it. 

Jake was nick-named “Hansom Boy”  We could not count the number of times people used these words to describe him as they walked past during our daily walks.  We also called him a Star Wars dog, because his greeting sounded like a Wookie and when his ears were down he looked like Yoda.

 Jake started his life sick and faced sickness for most of it, but for the year plus that he was well we believe he lived a far richer life than most dogs who have much longer.  Jake was originally diagnosed with lymphosarcoma on March 3rd 2002 and was given 2 weeks to live.  Thanks to our veterinarian Dr. Richard Calland and his holistic approach, Jake was able to fight back and was blessed with a miracle, he was healthy and happy for additional 220 days.  On October 9th Jake succumbed to the return of the cancer.

Our family is much smaller now but Jake has left us with amazing memories, we are extremely grateful for that.  He taught us many lessons that we will live by namely, to seize the moment. 

 Thanks to all of you who, brought him to us, gave your support, visited often, being Jake's God parents, and Guss who never left Jake’s side during visits when he was not well.   A special thanks to Animal Advocates for bringing Jake’s brother Brodie He protected him, played with him, loved him and made Jake feel like the boss.

 Hey buddy, until we meet again Jake.  Love, Kim, Wayne, Brodie and Daisy-Wallace

 He’s gone, we will never be the same.