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"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace." Albert Schweitzer 1875 - 1965

Kelly Ann Stewart
  May 12, 1973 to September 21, 2000


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She came into the world with a dog constantly under her crib while she was sleeping and by her side when she wasn't.   Her love of nature and animals got stronger as she grew up.  An injured bird, a lost dog, an abandoned dog (tied to a tree), a dog "removed from its chain in the dead of night", a dead cat on the road.... immediately turned her into the caretaker.  Whatever she was doing, wherever she was going, wherever she was, whatever her time restraints and no matter the time of day or night,  her compassion and love of animals called her.

One night, she and I were out for a night-time walk.  The night was black except for some street lighting.  She spotted a toad frog in the middle of a busy road.  Without thought of her safety, she had to protect the frog from getting hit by a car.   She ran to the middle of the road  to stop the oncoming cars, and allowed the frog to safely get to the other side.

As a young adult, after reading my first PETA magazine, meat never touched her lips again.   She became a very loyal vegetarian and never waivered even on special occasions.   She could never pass a CNIB donation dog without making a contribution.   Always on the alert, to educate co-workers and friends on their dog's needs, she never missed an opportunity if she felt the dog wasn't properly taken care of.   

At age 25 she finally got her own dog that an older couple didn't want anymore.  She changed her name to Gucci.  It was the love of her life and she was so proud of her.  It was on that fateful day of September 21st that she was killed, by another driver, while driving from Vancouver to Oliver to pick up Gucci from her grandma and grandpa's.   They had been dog-sitting while she was holidaying in Mexico with her husband.

Being my only child, she is sadly and painfully missed but I know that wherever KELLY is she will be safekeeping animals forever.

Love... her mom, Diane

Kelly's mom is a long-time friend and AAS supporter.   We met Diane when she was concerned about a dog in her neighbourhood that had been chained for eight years and she had given up trying to get the SPCA to help it, even though it was severely neglected.  That dog got help at last, and Diane has been the "angel of mercy" to many others.  People like Kelly are born that way but she also had her mother as a shining example.

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