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all living things, man will not himself find peace." Albert Schweitzer 1875 - 1965

In Memory of "Paco"
Remembered by Kimberley Brower

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I met Paco at the end of January 2000. A staff member at the Vancouver SPCA asked me if I could help the two very senior dogs that had come to the shelter; they were destined to be put down the following day. In the kennel were two old gentlemen; a handsome Sheltie (an owner turn-in), and a desperately thin Spaniel cross (a stray). that was Paco.

I said that I would take them both.

Jen Dickson of the Okanagan Animal Welfare Foundation in Vernon offered a home to the Sheltie, and a friend drove him up to her place. I took Paco to the vet for a check up and fixed up his horrible dental mess. Paco was in bad shape. He only weighed eleven pounds (he eventually gained eight pounds) and had bad gastric problems. He also had seizures. He seemed, however, to be in good spirits, and quickly settled into my household. My other dogs accepted him so easily, and Paco claimed a place on the couch.

After a few months of good food and exercise, his health was good. Paco’s seizures were months apart, his appetite was enormous, and he danced in circles for about an hour before his meals, trying to convince me to hurry. He loved to eat, to be warm, to sleep on our bed and be scratched on the head. Normal stuff. He hated to have his nails clipped, to be brushed and to get wet. Normal stuff.

Age catches up despite our best efforts to challenge it, and the summer of 2002 I knew would be his last. Paco was becoming blind, deaf and feeble, had to be carried up and down stairs, and had little control of his toilet functions. He was becoming confused and concerned; I knew that it was time to let him go.

Today, October 22nd 2002, I did that. Paco slipped away, lying on his favorite mat, with my arms around him and treats in his mouth.

I will miss him.

AAS:  We have known Kim for many years and all that time she took the old, blind, and sick dogs from the Vancouver SPCA and gave them a few good months or years.  She also has rescued other dogs and many cats.  She does it all quietly, without fanfare, steadily and responsibly, only giving her charges over if she just can't keep them herself or only to others who she knows well.   That's what real rescue is.

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