In Memory of Stella

We'll never know her exact age -- and as a real lady, Stella would appreciate that -- but Stuart and Chris took on the Stella challenge 11 years ago.  Stella hadn't fit into the plans of a couple moving to a "no pets" residence, so she ended up with a friend.  Stella was feisty, scared, terribly matted and, compared to the sweet kitten the friend had also taken on, a terror, so the friend was going to take her to the pound.  Having never owned a cat, Chris took a deep breath and, with the help of Auntie Kim, got Stella cleaned up and introduced her to Gastown loft living.  This was Stella's urban cat phase.

Life changes brought the three of us to Den Haag, The Netherlands, in the late '90s, where Stella enjoyed a small taste of the outdoors in our back yard patio. Otherwise, she's spent a safe and comfy life inside.  She had her first and only fight in her European home, which resulted in a tiny notch in one ear.  While she enjoyed her stay in Holland -- including taking a nip out of our friend and catsitter Ralph (perhaps he didn't learn Mary's trick of appealing to Stella's only weakness, food) -- she felt it was time to return to Canada.

Stella enjoyed finding her inner hippy cat on Hornby Island, she experienced cat seasickness on the short and, on the day, choppy ferry ride to Denman.  What fun it was travelling back to Vancouver via Powell River and the Sunshine Coast.  A truly well-travelled feline.

There was also a short stint in Ottawa, where our gracious one could not abide the cold, nor the rough and tumble political environment.  It was time to do what many Canadians ultimately do:  retire to "the Island."

Stella loved to get under a blanket "tent," where she felt she was safe and hidden away.  We will never forget those pouffy, soft, soft paws, that we must have nuzzled and kissed a thousand times.  She tried her hardest not to be lovable, but, boy, did she fail.  We loved "our little girl."   We'll miss our morning cuddles, her "escapes" onto the deck to enjoy the sunshine.  She also loved to sit on the window seat cushion her loving Aunt Kim made her, and she relished leaving her furry mark on the black pants of anyone who came to visit.  It will be tough for a while to go into "her" room, where she "watched TV," our term for her gazing out into the garden at night, waiting for her furry suitors to come by.

Cancer claimed our dear one today, May 9, 2005.

Stuart and Chris hope their Stella is in "all tuna, all day" land, where her tummy doesn't hurt and where she knows she's loved and missed.  Stuart will miss giving her her manicure.

Bye, Snookie.

Chris Brower and Stuart Money
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