Rabbits in Paradise? *PIC*

Rabbits in Paradise?

At first glance “Happy Glade” looks as though it were plucked from an European landscape painting. Tall trees sway in a lush green meadow; graying outbuildings are in the process of gently returning to the earth, a pond mirrors blue sky and soft clouds. What could be a more perfect home for that darling little domestic rabbit that you cannot find a good home? If you were a rabbit, isn’t this exactly where you would like to live? You won’t have to worry that your rabbit will be alone; other owners have thought the same thing as you and brought their rabbits to paradise.

Your rabbit found a burrow beneath a shed with a colony of domestic rabbits and soon it will have a family and in a few months those babies will have a family. There will be generation after generation of rabbits.

Look closer, look down at the base of those lofty trees, there are owl pellets. Follow the fence line do you see the coyote scat? Did you notice the tracks in the snow of deep winter; are they from a cougar or a bobcat? Do you see the hawks swooping or the two eagles wheeling above?

Look towards the road, do you see two large dogs off leash running through the field? Now peek in the inside the shed, do you see the broken beer bottles? Look behind the shed, do you see the fire pit? Others have found this to be a paradise as well: a perfect place to drink, take drugs and chase rabbits. What sport!

When winter came snow made an impenetrable blanket covering the grass, the pond was frozen and the rabbits had to travel farther from their burrows to find open water. A kind woman saw the rabbits’ plight; she brought food. This nourishment made it possible for the rabbits to have even more young; supplying wildlife with an endless supply of non-indigenous food.

Eventually this kind woman encountered some people who too, could not ignore the sad existence of these domestic rabbits barely surviving in the wild. These people were determined to rescue them and contacted Carmina Gooch with Animal Advocates Society of North Vancouver who offered advice, people to contact and support. Eleven rabbits have been rescued to date. Six wary rabbits remain, including a mother and baby. Every day, efforts are made to bring home the rest as bush-party season is gaining momentum.

Animal Advocates is providing $750.00 to spay or neuter many of the rabbits. Winfield Veterinarian Susan Wales generously gave Animal Advocates a very affordable rate.

This story is true, however, the place is not actually not called “Happy Glade”. The rabbits were left on private land at the outskirts of this community and until all the rabbits are rescued we must not reveal their location in “paradise”.

Katy Pace, North Okanagan Rabbit Rescue

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