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Chance's happy ending

This dear old boy spent his life, possibly ten years, on a lonely chain in a dirty yard, below 40 in Winter and scorching in Summer. He howled at night for most of those years.

Did anyone care? No one did anything until an AAS rescuer did.

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Nermal's happy ending

He was frozen to the floor of the doghouse by his own urine-soaked long hair. And he was matted all over his body, huge, heavy mats full of urine and feces. His water bowl had only a bit of dirty water in it.

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Cassie's happy ending

She'd been taken from her mother and siblings, a warm, comforting family circle, and suddenly she was cold and alone. She cried out of the incomprehensible loneliness of being put on a chain, and just left. For crying, she had her muzzle wired shut. The scars from the infection caused by the wire encircle her nose and always will, as a testament to the cruelty of some humans.

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Willy's happy ending

Willy was put into a perpetually dark backyard pen when only a tiny pup. He was hit in the head with a metal pole for crying and barking.

His hell ended one day and now he has an ocean, a home, a soft bed and two people who love him dearly.

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Finnigan's happy ending

Finnigan spent the first two years of his life chained. (Yes, he was chained as pup, in rain, snow, and unrelenting heat, without adequate shelter, and with no positive human interaction.)

When Finnigan arrived at our home he was terrified of men, wouldn't go up stairs or through doorways, and cowered all the time with his tail between his legs.

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