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Baby elephant born at the Portland Zoo *LINK*

There is a new elephant baby at the Portland Zoo, but the baby and mother were separated when the mother started kicking the baby. The scenes in the video showed the birth onto the concrete floor with bars all around. Sounds like a great place to make his debut! (The video can be found on - Baby and mama elephant reintroduced). They tried to re-introduce the calf to its mother but stated that the mother nearly broke her chains to get at the baby. They were apparently successful in eventually reuniting the two. Zoo propaganda on the website boasts about its breeding program (27 calves in 40 years). The zoo states that the amount of space for the elephants is 1.5. acres with the latest reno being 1994. Doesn't seem like a lot of space for this small herd.(3 bulls and 4 cows). My question is Why are they breeding at all and where did all the others go?
By the way, really glad to have you back. Missed my daily fix with the news. Good luck with your case.

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Baby elephant born at the Portland Zoo *LINK*