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German Shepherd Rescue BC saves 5-month old pup from death-by-SPCA *LINK* *PIC*

Read this story of Bear, saved from death-by-SPCA by German Shepherd Dog Rescue of BC and ask yourself if you think that this is animal welfare. If you donate to the SPCA, is this what you expect from it? Ask yourself how many times this happens a year that is not known by BC's animal-lovers because the rescue network hasn't money for p.r., certainly not on the SPCA's massive scale and because so many are fearful of the SPCA, for good reason: the SPCA has an ignominious history of suing or threatening to sue its critics and a history of "firing" volunteers who speak up for animals at SPCAs. (See the latest example at ).

The BC SPCA's revenues are $24 million a year, but it passes off a large number of animals who require a lot or even a little veterinary expense onto the little alternative groups who have to pay all the bills, sometimes even being made to pay the SPCA its "adoption" fee in order to save a death-row dog or cat or rabbit.

This special little boy came to us from one of the vet clinics after he was left to be euthanized by the SPCA.
Luckily for Bear, the clinic got the SPCA to sign Bear over to them, and they were able to find him safety with GSRBC.

Bear is just 5 months old. He was brought into the clinic with a suspected blockage in his bowel and needed to have further testing done to determine exactly what was wrong with him.

The SPCA opted to euthanize him instead of doing the required tests and exploratory surgery to help him.

We are so thankful to this clinic for going the extra mile for one little puppy! And we're pretty darn sure that Bear is thankful too!

You guys rock! Without you, little Bear would not be alive to be running and playing and enjoying his life!

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German Shepherd Rescue BC saves 5-month old pup from death-by-SPCA *LINK* *PIC*
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