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Annelise Sorg has not got it quite right.

No Whales in Captivity should be following Paul Watson's lead. Annelise should go to John Nightingale with the suggestion to build larger whale pools. Prospect Point would be an excellent showcase now that it is bereft of old growth trees. What a waste of space! And, it would take hundreds of years for them to grow back. A lot of money for education could be made from this space. Huge whale tanks could be built where the trees stood a couple of days ago and the Aquarium could go out and catch a couple of Blue Whales and "make them comfortable" in these gigantic tanks (hopefully glass, so that everyone can get a good view) and teach the people of B.C. even more about suffering and certain death. I am drawing on my own feelings here because, if my environment, my surround, were being threatened and I was being threatened, I am almost sure that I would like to be locked up in a small, glass room, so that everyone could watch and learn from my misery while I was being made comfortable. And there's so much we could learn, if we could watch foxes and beavers and sea gulls and great apes and elephants and mongoose and tigers and "two of every living thing" locked up where they would be safe and comfortable and, indeed, educational. Think of the possibilities. By the way, I think open heart surgeries should go on road trips to elementary schools, so that the kids could watch them first hand, as well.

And by the way Paul, "the largest facilities possible" are the ones that you are fighting to protect. The world itself needs a cage in which to be made comfortable, by your logic, Paul.

So, get with it, Annelise! What's wrong with your head?

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Annelise Sorg has not got it quite right.
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Watson has been used by the Vancouver Aquarium as their token "environmentalist" for the last decade
I would say that Paul has been mis-quoted
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