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Just kill all the elephants, because there is no need to live with them *PIC*
Veterinarian Of Dog (Rocky) Euthanized By The OSPCA Responds To The Organization's Claims
Dog taken by Ontario SPCA, euthanized without owner's knowledge *PIC*
This is common practice. Arko killed the same way in 2003
Thank you AAS. Your BC cases have been a real blessing to me
Former OSPCA Director acknowleges that OSPCA powers "need to be softened"
The OSPCA's spin *LINK*

Bear cub brushed up against officer's leg *PIC*
Thank heavens they did not kill the cub as is the norm nowadays

Dog dragged along road
How one high-flying dad is making pet rescue a family affair *PIC*
Dog crawls home on broken legs 3 weeks after tornado *PIC*
Vets Help Dog Paralyzed in Tornado Walk Again *PIC*

Vaccination Studies and Auto-antibodies
Letter to Ingrid Newkirk of PETA
Behind the scenes of the Berger Blanc scandal
NEWS1130: Listen as Marcie Moriarty denies SPCA contacted by Fawcett before killings *LINK*
If we really loved animals, we would leave them alone
...grieve for them and know that life goes on

Warning! Poisonous dog treats from China
We should not feed them anything manufactured in China

Domination and control, the very negation of love and respect.
Do you dominate and control the woman you love?
Re: Do you dominate and control the woman you love?

Sled Dog Task Force Report re " Euthanasia"
SPCA may have evidence of inhumane culling of sled dogs *PIC*
Petition to Include Animals Rights In Canada's Constitution *LINK*
Moriarty: SPCA would kill the sled dogs: she said it because it is true
My problem is our neighbours. They own this dog called Tyra
Martin Luther King: "one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws"
Do you have advice for this young person?
Re: Do you have advice for this young person?
If you wait long enough no one will want this dog as it will be totally screwed up
Re: My problem is our neighbours. They own this dog called Tyra

SPCA fundraiser serves up every kind of animal for profit
Be fair... the SPCA isn't profiting from dead dogs or cats or horses
Most people are still meat eaters so they are serving what the majority wants
Re: Most people are still meat eaters so they are serving what the majority wants
... is that a lie????
Should the SPCA be in business to give people what they want or to protect animals?
The whole place went silent when she stood up and said that

Toronto man arrested in raccoon attack
'They're destroying my garden,' says man charged with attacking raccoons *PIC*

Dog shot and buried alive makes miraculous recovery *LINK*
Story and picture... *PIC*
Heartbreak! Star, the abused Malta dog, dies
Star survived one of the darkest nights any dog could know, and is now shining bright in the hearts and prayers of millions around the world *PIC*
Re: Heartbreak! Star, the abused Malta dog, dies *PIC*
Rescued Malta dog Star dies after protest against animal cruelty

Proposed coal mine first of several in Comox Valley? *PIC*
No to the Coal Mine
Mine will make road only worse

Who is the guardian of our wild spaces and species?
Over 100 Violations- Guzoo Animal Farm Zoo- Alberta *PIC*
Former Price Is Right host weighs in on private zoo

Yukon Quest 2011: "Some of the dogs will sustain frostbitten penises..."
Re: No substance to the claimed benefits of pets
There is objective proof that animals are good for people in a hospice
Amazing Facts About Therapy Dogs And Stress *PIC*

North Vancouver City has no "after-hours" animal control in place
North Vancouver City ducks animal welfare costs
Bonnie Lilley: City wagging dog on animal cruelty
My bad experiences with the SPCA and loose dogs I have rescued

3 facing animalcruelty charges
Back yard lamb slaughter in New Westminster *LINK*
Political correctness has taken over *LINK*
What if I am offended by all the barbecue smells, and the thought of all the dead animals roasting on them?
OUR Canadian values? Tell that to the farmers who settled this country and raised animals to kill and eat
Connie - you are right - we no longer have any Canadian values
I would write a letter to my MLA if I did not get any satisfaction from the police or SPCA
SPCA says regarding the sled dog slaughter that cutting throats not acceptable

The bodies of 52 sled dogs have been pulled from a mass grave (with AAS comment)
This is more grandstanding by the SPCA

Would be interesting to know how many prosecutions in the last two years have not been successful
'The futility of dealing with CBC' (a.k.a. 'The Mother Corp.')
Sled Dogs - Facebook
Bragging Rights! Vegetarian Gala
While A Better Life Dog Rescue got one part they failed in another

Can you help to save the life and leg of wee JD? *PIC*
Any news on this little guy?
Inexpensive amputation was a good option for the dog and the SPCA
Has this dog been taken care of?
Looks like he ended up at the Victoria SPCA
Please hold on to him and do not surrender to the SPCA
I never had JD
Where is he now?
This is some info I received from Vancouver Island Rescue Resource Network regarding JD
Did the Victoria SPCA have JD's surgery done or not?

Animal Abuse and Interpol
dog beaten named Halton
Half Ton has been said to have been removed from the house where he was beaten

SPCA policy to kill all wolf dogs *PIC*
I know it's true that the SPCA kills any dog that might have wolf in it

Rossland News: Who’s preventing cruelty to the animals on the dinner plates?
SPCA Director: Clarifying some things about the menu at the BCSPCA fundraiser (and whether or not the SPCA gets revenue from governments)
If she truly wanted a Vegan world then why is she usually buying meat?

Farm animals of Japan need you
Airedale Mix-Langley Shelter-Originally from the US-To be killed today.
Shelters or SPCAs are not homes no matter how many volunteers they have
Who to contact if you can help this boy *PIC*
There is an Airedale Rescue
Apparently he is too much of a mix for Airedale rescue
Re: Airedale Mix-Langley Shelter-Originally from the US-To be killed today.
If you have a problem why don't you email Judy?

The Rescue of Puggles the Cat *LINK* *PIC*
Monkey training in Jakarta *PIC*
Photo #2 *PIC*
Photo #3 *PIC*
Photo #4 *PIC*
Photo #5 *PIC*
Photo #6 *PIC*
Photo #7 *PIC*
Photo #8 NEW *PIC*
Mankind is an oxymoron *LINK*
Photo #9 *PIC*
Photo #10 *PIC*
Photo #11 *PIC*
My letter to the Globe and Mail *PIC*
Care 2 petition site to stop the torture and abuse of these monkeys

This dog survived-THE GAS CHAMBER-Quebec wake up! *PIC*
April Brings More Animal Rescue Success In Japan *PIC*
Destruction of the Homemade Gas Box-video
My letter to Google

New Google Android app "Dog Wars" Even Outrages Michael Vick
A Better Life Dog Rescue Fundraiser *LINK*
Please don't have guided fishing tours as part of your silent auction - fishing is cruel
Look at all the vegan food that will be available!

Decision Made: Quebec will Continue Using Gas Chambers. *PIC*
Help Shut Down Brutal Gassing Pound in Quebec *PIC*
Roy Green who lives in Quebec and has radio shows and newspaper *LINK*

Montreal animal shelter practices raise alarm *PIC*
Version in French

Montreal SPCA-Number of animals that can be saved depends on public's support
Vegan Bread
Brigitta MacMillan: No room for one more cat *PIC*
Risking radiation to rescue animals in Japan *LINK* *PIC*
500 caged pigs with no water *PIC*
Lister said she felt 20 earthquakes in 10 days, and a 6.5-magnitude quake *PIC*

Activists save Chinese dogs from cooking pot *LINK* *PIC*
Dogs saved from being eaten *PIC*

Easter is coming and many people will buy a rabbit for their child
Four letters from ex-SPCA volunteers that expose the truth
Karen Kwan: SPCA "Volunteer of the Month" says, "I was told by management in my meeting that volunteers were NOT THE CORE of the organization"
Was the U.S. expert who decided Titan was unadoptable the same who said the sled dogs weren't adoptable?
There may be a connection
Titan was the dog the SPCA killed *LINK* *PIC*
Hazel Smith: We actually know the truth about how much value the Surrey SPCA places on its volunteers"
B. Pengelly: "Volunteers are useful only if they keep their mouths shut"
Judy Daser: "Most of the employees had no idea what dogs were even in the shelter, you had to ask a volunteer"
Maple Ridge News editor: "I hear repeatedly that volunteers are scared of opening their mouths."
I volunteer elsewhere

On a farm in Langley a live cow is hoisted over the rafters to be slaughtered *PIC*
Has this been reported to the SPCA?
Yes, the SPCA is aware of this, even if they haven't read the post
Take pictures, write a written complaint, keep copies...

IFAW: Canadians must speak out on commercial seal hunt in federal election *PIC*
Sled Dogs: Mandatory Standard of Care should be added to PCA Act
Pooch Parade on the Peninsula *LINK*
Bob Barker will contribute his own money to move Toronto Zoo elephants to Tennessee Sanctuary *PIC*
Bob Barker begs Toronto Zoo to retire its elephants *PIC*

Salmo sled dogs: Some people are extremely gullible! *LINK* *PIC*
Until you get to the picture of the dogs... *LINK*
There is no "sport" when some members of the team are chained and forced to perform or die

BCSPCA position statement on sled dogs, approved Feb 2010
WorkSafeBC submission to Sled Dog Task Force provides answers to lingering questions
BC government press release: Premier announces Canada’s toughest animal cruelty laws
Task Force member, Dorris Heffron's, odd letter in the Globe and Mail
Dorris Heffron thinks that it's illegal to kill healthy dogs
Re: Task Force member, Dorris Heffron's, odd letter in the Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail editorial correction - It IS legal to shoot and kill a healthy dog in Canada. *LINK*

SPCA critics: SPCA should not have been on the taskforce
I know why vets don't report neglect to the SPCA
Strays killed before owners could find, Wilbur the piglet killed, surrendered pets quickly killed... I've seen this and more
SPCA slammed by animal welfare groups *PIC*

Out of the Dark - The Rescue of Bogie *LINK* *PIC*
Barb's lucky dogs and other rescued animals *LINK* *PIC*
SPCA Director claims the BCSPCA doesn't "get any government funds at all"
Same Director holds fundraising dinner where dead lambs are used to raise money *LINK*
A goat is not a vegetable
She does not know what government funding is!
SPCA Directors don't know where the money comes from?
Selectively choosing which animals to enjoy with your glass of wine while raking in money
When I worked at the SPCA this was NOT true

WAG asked to possibly take 35 sled dogs
The SPCA and WAG did not use Craig's List or the BC Pet Rescue messageboard *LINK*

Dog saved from floating home 3 weeks after Tsunami *PIC*
Joy As Dog, Owner Greet After Tsunami

Vending Machine Sells Live Crabs-in China *PIC*
Is it really any sicker than the live crabs crawling around the tank in our local grocery store
The crab was steamed with a hose and sliced down its belly, while it was alive

Live Animals being sold as Keyrings in China *PIC*
Appeal to top Irish hotel to STOP promoting and financing live hare coursing *LINK* *PIC*
Further to Hotel Hare Coursing Appeal... *PIC*
It is not sport when pain is inflicted on another living creature
AAS letter: Supporting animal cruelty is not a good business plan *LINK*

URGENT ALERT - PLEASE FORWARD, COPY, AND POST!! Saanich considering rabbit sales ban tomorrow

Sled dog slaughter investigation: Not able to collect all the evidence smells like a red herring
It's going to get smellier by June
As for Bob Fawcett's excuses? You, have got to be kidding me.
Dr. Lake and the BC SPCA have not told the public the most common way to cull dogs *LINK*
Red for the blood of the dogs, black for this blackest of evils, white for the blatant whitewash
It's a snow job for sure
SPCA: $200,000 needed for sled dog investigation. What for? To drive to Whistler once? For an excavator? *LINK*

I would like to share my experiences with volunteering at the Surrey SPCA *LINK* *PIC*
I think I can explain why Titan and Tyson were killed and the corgi wasn't
I too had to resign in pure frustration and anger
The SPCA counts on the huge majority of people slinking away in silence

$300 and no home check for a severely anti-social dog
I tried to help Tyson and they killed him *LINK* *PIC*
Lucky for this little dog the SPCA...
I often think about what would have happened to him if my husband and I hadn't adopted him that day
Walking the same concrete is like reading the same newspaper every day - how boring would that be for us?
And the Delta SPCA wanted to kill Cheech! *LINK* *PIC*
Good for you for having the courage to speak out against the lack of SPCA ethics
Another dog with severe problems sold by the SPCA

Gandy, a yellow Labrador, was the subject of a Human Rights Tribunal after a man claimed the animal was the reincarnation of his late pet *PIC*
Mr Lee can get himself a dog from an SPCA

SPCA's Moriarty: Because of the way they're raised they're not highly adoptable animals *LINK*
Yukon News reporter finds bathroom habits of lead dog fascinating and newsworthy. *LINK*
'To poop or not to poop'

Super, Natural Dog Exploitation *LINK*
Northern Sask: Boy injured, all sled dogs killed NEW *LINK*
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support
Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind
White Rock resident-her personal rescue mission of abandoned dogs and cats in Japan *PIC*
Private Citizens Rescuing Dogs from the Exclusion Zone

No ban on dogsledding, no ban on killing the dogs to come of the task force
AAS told the truth: a ban was never possible, but that's where the money was
Canadian Tourism Commission supports sled dog tourism and racing *LINK*

I am again disappointed. What is being done for the animals in Japan?
Animal rescue in Japan on FaceBook
Thank you for making me aware of this

Activists condemn B.C. animal research project *PIC*
Do they think a mouse has no feelings?
Sadistic indifference one of many things wrong with using animals in research
Re: Do they think a mouse has no feelings?
Why is the number of animals used increasing when other methods produce more reliable results?

Sign Ian Somerhalder's petition *LINK*
Ian Somerhalder takes aim at the BCSPCA *LINK* *PIC*
Ian Somerhalder is outraged *LINK* *PIC*
A link to the petition *LINK*

Where oh where is the SPCA when you really need protection??
Why did the SPCA kill little old Oreo? *LINK* *PIC*
AAS would have paid Oreo's bill if we had known in time
Why did Oreo end up at the SPCA? Because the Campbell River SPCA is Campbell River's contracted dog catcher/disposer *LINK*
The SPCA will kill a dog because it needs dental care
Killing old unsellable dogs is what the BCSPCA calls "animal welfare". The SPCA sold three year old Ziggy to me, rotten teeth and all *LINK* *PIC*

Why did the SPCA kill Titan? *LINK* *PIC*
The BCSPCA is supposed to be speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. All I hear is a deafening silence

Bald eagles starving on West Coast *PIC*
Whistler Question: 'Few dogsledding tours cancelled in Whistler' *LINK*
Got a complaint about Whistler sled dog cruelty??? BC SPCA will vouch for us! *LINK*
A great reason to BOYCOTT Canada's Yukon Territory as a tourism destination *LINK*
Inspector Al O'Donnell responded to my letter *LINK*
Internet dog sales bite back
Criminal investigation may hamper B.C. sled dog death inquiry
UBC to kill endangered sea turtles in the spring
Why did the SPCA kill Tyson? *LINK* *PIC*
I ask to be present at his death *LINK* *PIC*
I type whilst tears run down my face
Does the BCSPCA have a soul??
They kill with impunity and this is the terrible truth. There should be a higher body above the BCSPCA that could look at why this dog was killed
Unfortunately there aren't enough rescue organizations to save all of the animals that should never have gone to the SPCA *LINK*
$300 and no home check for a severely anti-social dog
This story tore me up. I will never get over what they did to tiny Munchkin *LINK* *PIC*
OMG - this is SO HORRIBLE!!! I had NO idea shit like this was happening here
Yes, indeed they did murder him, but in a most dispicable way
Boston was lucky, I wish Tyson had been

'Oh ya, a guy can shoot your puppy in the head, can get away with it *PIC*
Seattle DogSpot blog: I’m still waiting for the BC SPCA to retract its statement that sled dogs are “not highly adoptable animals” *LINK*
If the Michael Vick case taught us anything *LINK*

National Anti-Fur Day in Courtenay, BC *PIC*
Dogs Deserve Better-Stop Chaining-video
RCMP to be in Nome at Iditarod finish of cruel Iditarod *LINK*
Instead of prancing around in red coats...

Norway Wolves - Cruelty all around the world *PIC*
Now we have some idea of how the Whistler dogs looked in death *LINK*

Petition to Canadian Parliament to ban shock collars *LINK* *PIC*
Print the petition here *LINK*

Task Force: "To euthanize a dog in front of a bunch of other dogs..." *LINK* *PIC*
The irony: In the end the SPCA didn't protect the dogs or tourism *PIC*
A definition of euthanasia: it's not what happened to innocent creatures who lived to please their master *PIC*

The BC SPCA and Bosleys Pet Foods and Howling Dogs *LINK* *PIC*
The Bosleys Pet Foods Adventure with Howling Dogs Sled Dogs *LINK* *PIC*

True Dog Sledding *LINK*
Thank you

Letter about Iditarod sled dog's savage beating while training for 2010 race
CRITTERAID to save wild horses from slaughter in BC's Okanagan *LINK* *PIC*
Make a donation - AAS has donated $1,000

What are the words a dog hates to hear most? Peanuts knows NEW *PIC*
Video of frantic chained Whistler sled dogs NEW *LINK*
The saddest and most revealing words: the dogs were chewing on their dog houses *LINK* *PIC*

SPCA senior staff and the board of directors must be replaced
If unneeded Olympic volunteers were all thrown in a pit and ....
The SPCA, the Crown, the Government, are all one big happy family

Where did the sled dogs come from? *LINK* *PIC*
These dogs are bred for profit or were got cheaply from somewhere *PIC*
We are no better *LINK*

Canada Revenue Agency moves to muzzle animal charities
We as a collective group have to fight back
There is some misunderstanding about what the CRA materials mean

No justice for the Whistler sled-dogs coming from the BCSPCA *PIC*
"Reasonable and generally accepted practices of animal management" must be amended in the PCA Act *PIC*
I can amend this part of the PCA Act myself; it's easy!
The PCA act already works like that

SPCA money raising p.r.: "Bring dogs in from the cold" (Except for the sled dogs) *PIC*
How many sled dogs have succumbed to the cold that we don't know about? *PIC*
Re: How many sled dogs have succumbed to the cold that we don't know about?
NO dog should be treated this way
Old and thin... NEW *PIC*
Strange bedfellows *LINK*

I believe, like you, that this will be swept under the carpet
Lessons from a sled dog massacre
SPCA incompetents

Like other rescues, sled dogs adapt to a new home
Slaughtered sled dogs could have found homes

All Dogs Can be Saved - even Sled Dogs-view the video
So few people understand that all animal killing in BC is legal, including pet animals
When you have lost trust in the BCSPCA who do you go to? Why is the BCSPCA investigating complaints about itself?
Now isn't that question worth a million dollars

The problem for the BCSPCA is that the genie is out of the bottle, and they are trying like hell to put it back in
Sled Dog Task Force - Time Frame
Was public participation deliberately discouraged? *LINK*

The SPCA's board of directors and SPCA staff needs to be fired and replaced
Re: The SPCA's board of directors and SPCA staff needs to be fired and replaced

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies statement about Whistler sled dogs *LINK*
What the SPCA pays itself *LINK*
Kito is one of thousands of examples of a recovered chained dog *LINK* *PIC*
SPCA admits it would have killed the dogs: this is why so many people turn to real dog rescuers
A Better Life Dog Rescue: The SPCA's assertion that these 100 slaughtered sled dogs wouldn't have been adoptable is absurd

Head of B.C. task force: Sled dogs ‘aren’t pets,’ can be killed *LINK* *PIC*
Comment: The BC SPCA isn’t exactly the most beloved organization
Comment: The SPCA's abrogation of their duty is particularly heinous
Comment: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty? Hell, they set the stage for it
Write the Premier if you are concerned that the vet, Terry Lake, heads the Sled Dogs Task Force *LINK*

"WOW!" you have a LOT of evidence against the SPCA
Ziggy, my precious little man - Rest in Peace
Rest in peace, dear Ziggy and Kito
We love with an open heart...

Gov't committee recommends that SPCA's enforcement records be covered by FOI
Child in stable condition after dog attack in Inuvik
Re: Just on Gary Gibson's word my Golden was released before the court case which is damning enough
I encourage you to post all this on your facebook page
California dogs that find new homes in Edmonton
Edmonton Humane Society also accepts dogs from local reserves

Will there, won't there be a trial?
Sled dog dies on Yukon Quest trail
Another Yukon Quest death - Geronimo, died while on the trail
The dogs didn't die - they were KILLED

North Shore News: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals did not prevent
His Name is Blue-a discomfiting reality of rural Canada – the unregulated cull. *PIC*
Re: His Name is Blue-a discomfiting reality of rural Canada – the unregulated cull.

I cannot understand how Bob Busch is still the general manager of SPCA branches
The mushing industry is built on the exploitation and killing of dogs
Re: The mushing industry is built on the exploitation and killing of dogs

SPCA threats, intimidation and retribution
I invite all BC rescuers to stand up and have the courage to tell what they know about the SPCA
Groups don't have to be approved. They just have to buy the animals
Volunteers and rescuers are utterly terrified of speaking against the SPCA
There are many of us who are speaking up and the B.C. SPCA can not sue or threaten to sue all of us

Bob Fawcett's statement July 12, 2010 to the SPCA
Audio Interview with Joey Houssain
Serious 2006 infractions should have resulted in a seizure in 2010 or at least some hlep
Private secretive agency must have gov't oversight
SPCA should hang its head in shame
SPCA didn't have time to make a 2 1/2 hour trip while rescuers will spend (unpaid) all day if necessary to do a home check
I will be asking that an independent agency/group be set up to investigate complaints about the BCSPCA

Yukon Government Dog Mushing Department! *LINK*

The BCSPCA refused to help with a sled dog rescue in Terrace BC *LINK* *PIC*
Rescuers all over BC have been terrified into silence by the SPCA
AAS has saved 20 years of proof of this
SPCA threats, intimidation and retribution
I invite all BC rescuers to stand up and have the courage to tell what they know about the SPCA
Is there a way to get rid of Bob Busch? *LINK*

Dog expert Dr Stanley Coren didn't think the SPCA did its job in helping prevent the Whistler slaughter
Who is Ms Drever's U.S. "expert"?
The task force must recommend that the secretive and bungling SPCA be replaced by an accountable agency
What damage has the SPCA done to BC's tourism industry and reputation?
More SPCA contradictions: Says it knows how sled dogs live, but then Drever thought she didn't have to investigate

Facebook vigilantes, witch hunters and lynchmobbers *LINK*
How many times has the SPCA "whipped up the mob"?

2006: SPCA saw emaciation yet ignored concerns in 2010
Not surprised that SPCA has hammered another nail in its own coffin

Wouldn't a trip to Whister have been a better use of the SPCA's "scarce resources"?
Suspected dog slaughterer sacked by Mush with PRIDE organization
Karen Ramstead is a dog killer herself... *LINK*

Whistler sleddogs died in a cabin fire after the SPCA evaded helping them
Outdoor Adventures Owned by son of Intrawest founder Joe Houssian
Previous Dog Slaughters?
Who's been listening to Marcie Moriarty on the radio?
CEO Daniell could not point to any inaccuracies in the Sun article
"What kind of a lame organization is this anyway?", asks Bruce Allen of CKNW
Who's running the BC SPCA...Bart Simpson?
SPCA spinning in damage control circles
That the SPCA could have prevented this is the most heart-breaking aspect of this crime *LINK*

Demo in support of sled dogs Sunday 2 p.m. Ambleside Park in West Vancouver *LINK*
Another lie?
Premier Campbell assembles task force to review sled dog deaths
Please make your feelings about this slaughter known to the head of the task force *LINK*
BC former dog sled operator says dogs were 'too old' and 'sick' in first comment
WCB Report
Alberta man worries dogs he sold to B.C. firm were among those slaughtered

Are Chained Dogs Unadoptable as the SPCA claimed? *LINK* *PIC*
BC SPCA CEO says it's 100% false that they had prior knowledge about the slaughter
BC SPCA CEO's time line

Dog slaughter document dispute heads to court
Sled dog killings prompt vigilante threats
Listen to Terry Cumming of Sled Dog WatchDog on CKNW 9:00 a.m. this morning *LINK* *PIC*
Audio vault: Listen to Terry Cumming of Sled Dog WatchDog on CKNW 9:00 a.m. this morning

Ban Dogsledding in Whistler. Write Mayor Ken Melamed
Moriarty denies SPCA rebuffed pleas to rehome dogs
Killer says he asked SPCA for help twice *LINK*
SPCA says dogs can't be rehomed
SPCA boasts of rehoming sled dogs it seized in 2008
How many of Camping's dogs did the SPCA actually kill?
What an easy way out for the SPCA... *LINK*
SPCA asked to investigate former Howling Dogs' owner in 2009
Sled dogs not being neglected: vet
Faint praise: Sled dog veterinarians "may or may not be corrupt" *LINK*
Gotta love how convinient that is!

“It’s pretty common for sled-dog operators to kill dogs and not tell anyone,” *LINK*
RCMP officer campaigns to stop dog cull on reserve
Bid to save UBC monkeys from grim death
160 skinny huskies starving to death *PIC*
Abuser will get out and continue his abuse

Abandoned dogs rescued near Falkland lake *PIC*
Concrete jungle: Department store's zoo *PIC*
Negative feedback upsets Nanaimo's SPCA workers *LINK*
Number of adoptions at Nanaimo SPCA is way down
Re: Negative feedback upsets Nanaimo's SPCA workers
Re: Negative feedback upsets Nanaimo's SPCA workers
Experience with SPCA was not a positive one

Homes for Stanley Park petting zoo animals urgently needed *LINK*
Canmore to cull bear-baiting rabbits
Reptile Guy wrangling with authorities over gator rescue
Stop UBC Animal Research Appeal *LINK*
UBC accused of withholding information
Banning animal sales won't help depopulate shelters
Re: Banning animal sales won't help depopulate shelters

A Lab, A Ball, A Fawn. Do watch. It will make you feel good! *LINK*
Country Music Star Troy Gentry’s Canned Hunt Video Released by Animal Rights Group *LINK* *PIC*
PIJAC points out flaws in the SPCA's and Richmond's reasoning *LINK*
Please help us with your vote :-)
OSPCA has more power than police officers
SPCA sweeping powers to be debated in Ontario legislature November 18th *LINK*

Why would anyone trust the actions of the BCSPCA? Afterall they are suing Animal Advocates *LINK*
Every one was horrified to learn what the BCSPCA was doing

Reserve dogs need your help before they are shot *LINK* *PIC*
My neighbor wants to shoot them but I asked them not to *LINK* *PIC*
First Nations were treated much like and in many cases worse than the worst of the dog abuses cases

Humane Society Yukon founder supports the killing of shelter dog Hunter and wants Trevor dead too..."no ifs ands or buts" *LINK*
Yukon News editorial 'Time to kill the [no kill] policy'
Do they do this with parolled sex offenders?
Whitehorse lawyers say Trevor is not a "dangerous dog" yet he has been kept in a prison cell for more than a year
Re: Whitehorse lawyers say Trevor is not a "dangerous dog" yet he has been kept in a prison cell for more than a year
I was elated to see the editorial Time To Kill The Policy
Tell the animal you're killing that you're doing it a favour
A firsthand experience of gassing cats
Gassing cats by a former SPCA employee
Former Nanaimo SPCA manager describes gassing
CBC Radio interview: 'Founder of Yukon Humane Society not pleased with animal rights activists' *LINK*
CBC failed to present balanced coverage (Whitehorse Star, Oct 29). *LINK*
CBC changed the web page address! *LINK*
Twisted egos began affecting animal care (Star, Sept 24)
The little lapdog named Honey who was euthanized by HSY
Whitehorse Star shows its true colours...
Dawson City letter writer: "Trevor the dog should have been taken out and shot"
Trevor the Whitehorse death row dog wins reprieve *LINK*
Re: Dawson City letter writer: "Trevor the dog should have been taken out and shot"

Sadly, your advocacy campaign for accountability and transparency of the BC SPCA resulted in you being sued by the SPCA *LINK*
Update on the battle for governmental oversight of the Ontario SPCA
Join us at Queen's Park November 18th. We are well on our way to making governmental oversight of the OSPCA an election issue. *LINK*
Petition instructions for Ontario residents *LINK*

Pet-industry bulldog to fight puppy-mill ban *LINK*
They don't seem to understand that their *PRODUCT* ends up being dumped
I don't think pet stores are the problem for shelters
You are mis-informed
While animal-welfare groups are jubilant, Richmond pet store owners – and the Canadian pet industry – are howling mad *LINK*
PIJAC points out flaws in the SPCA's and Richmond's reasoning *LINK*

OSPCA debate continues *LINK*
SOMEONE, SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE must be able to hold this private self-funded police force accountable for their actions
The links below are proof the SPCA system (unsupervised powers in the hands of self-funded charities) doesn’t work well here or abroad *LINK*

A PET'S TEN COMMANDMENTS Please pass on...
This is beautiful and so true *LINK*

SPCA... this is what you get for being in bed with animal researchers.
Re: SPCA... this is what you get for being in bed with animal researchers. *LINK*
Re: SPCA... this is what you get for being in bed with animal researchers.
SPCA is "full of phony sentiment"

BC Foundation for Non-Animal Research. Please make a donation to end the use of animals at UBC *LINK* *PIC*
Global Shift to Vegan Diet Could Cut Climate Change Mitigation Costs by 80% :PBL study
When we learn to love all other species, same as we now love ourselves, and when we learn to love all other species, same as we now love ourselves, and when we learn to love all other species, same as we now love ourselves, and when we learn to love all other species, same as we now love ourselves, and when we learn to love all other species, same as we now love ourselves...

Chefs cook up bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo testicles. *LINK*
Almost all Belgian cat owners will be obliged to have their pets sterilised and registered by 2016 *LINK* *PIC*
Pedophile let loose by courts, female rancher is put in jail *LINK*
Public oversight of the BC SPCA, a wealthy, powerful, private, self funded police force is warranted *LINK*
Robert, thank you very, very much for reporting on this important issue
Why does the SPCA want Carol Haughton kept in jail until the outcome of the cruelty trial? What is their agenda? *LINK*

Unique Milk/Meat Messages (Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary) on Vancouver Buses! *LINK*
I wonder what is being hidden at the UBC research labs
One would hope the SPCA would enforce these standards
I won't hold my breath waiting for the SPCA to come clean
Why would anyone trust the actions of the BCSPCA? Afterall they are suing Animal Advocates

Petition: Ask Obama to Send Pardoned Turkeys to Farm Sanctuary *LINK* *PIC*
Pig eaters - this one's for you! 81 pigs die in Highway 427 rollover *PIC*
Globe and Mail horse slaughter online debate *LINK*
Petition: "Outcry from Romania-Stop the killings of Dogs!" *LINK*
Join Facebook protest *LINK*
Some good changes were adopted *LINK*
New law to regulate the use of laboratory animals and protect animal welfare in South China’s Guangdong Province *LINK*

"More openness needed on research involving animals " says Canadian Council on Animal Care
Video: Killing of Former UVIC Bunnies Called "Needless Slaughter" NEW *LINK*
The terrible thing about hypocrisy

Horse-lovers protest with 'bulletholes' in head *LINK*
Podcast online Tuesday: Jonathan Safran Foer debates chef Anthony Bourdain on meat-eating on CBC's Q *LINK* *PIC*
The vegetarian was rational, the chef was emotional... *LINK*

I used to work for the S.P.C.A. But the S.P.C.A. has been a silent witness to lab animals' suffering...
Is the way we treat creatures raised for food unethical?
And Another Great Thing About Dogs... *LINK*
Please spread the word! "ADOPT DONT SHOP" Meet and Greet at Richmond City Hall on MONDAY followed by City council meeting at 4
It wasn't long ago that the SPCA was selling dogs and pups at pet stores
Richmond City Councillors unanimously voted to ban the sale of dogs in pet stores

Who reported "Purdy", a chained pit-bull cross pup to us? You could see her from your Maple Ridge apartment window... *PIC*
Stopping the Canadian horse slaughter is the goal of those organizing a protest planned for Nanaimo Monday
Baby rooster to be put down unless homes found
Former UVic rabbits escape Island refuge; shot by neighbour *LINK*
Did the neighbour have the legal right to shoot the rabbits?
Please send an email to Nanaimo council members urging them to ban rabbit sales *LINK*
Rabbit sale ban is a draconian solution
"We are in a war zone," says farmer who ordered ex-UVic bunnies shot
Lawyer probed after bunny deaths *LINK*
Coombs sanctuary was inspected before the rabbits arrived *LINK*

OuR suMmeR vaCATioN...bY THe dAwgs *LINK* *PIC*
Help distribute information about the brutal turkey industry this Thanksgiving *LINK*
Facebook Group 40,000 members >> *LINK*
Need for Ontario SPCA accountability - PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS VIDEO *LINK*
OSPCA Truth .com *LINK*

The UBYSSEY: UBC maintains over thirty animal care facilities across its campus and throughout the rest of the city *LINK*
Ontario SPCA charges so seriously flawed that Crown has to withdraw them
Is this some of the animal torture going on at UBC? *LINK*
Gavaging? Stereotaxic surgery? Cannulation
Vancouver Sun: UBC must come clean about animal research *LINK*
If the SPCA knows of even one UBC animal being deprived of food or water it should seize it and have charges laid.... shouldn't it?

Fundraiser helps save animals from becoming alligator snacks
Man caught on CCTV abandoning lame dog *LINK* *PIC*
Spain okays flaming bull festivals *LINK*
Study: media attention to animal welfare has significant, negative effects on US meat demand *LINK*
Today: Gene Baur co-founder Farm Sanctuary at Gimme Shelter Speaking Event, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre *LINK*
I will be sending this to all my friends

Family desperately searching for stolen dog "Moose" *LINK*
Ubyssey: UBC president discusses animals at Chan Centre *LINK*
Ontario MPP Frank Klees calls for the reform of the OSPCA *LINK* *PIC*
Oreo did not survive being "rescued" by the ASPCA *LINK* *PIC*
For too long animal "shelters" have betrayed their donors, the public and the animals in their control *LINK*

Bill Clinton's reasons for being vegan: his heart and his weight *LINK*
Meat-eating and strokes *LINK*

Victory! Stanley Park petting zoo to close
Stop beaver killings: Write a letter to Premier Campbell and NDP leader Carole James
The Province editorial: The aquarium needs to evolve
The vegan Clintons
Let Terry Fox runners know about painful research on animals
CKNW interview with Stop UBC Animal Research's Brian Vincent *LINK*
Which is the most immoral? Experimenting on animals or the SPCA approving it?
By the very fact that the details are not being made public shows that they are hiding some terrible truth
has the SPCA been asked to give the secret information?

Get serious about farm animal cruelty
Petition to Stop torturing bulls in Tordesillas! *LINK* *PIC*
MACLEANS MAGAZINE: The great whale-in-jail debate
Peter Singer: Free fish from their pain and suffering
The UBYSSEY: UBC should fully disclose information about animal research *LINK*
Georgia Straight: UBC won't commit to not using cats

Province plans to trap and drown beavers
Humane Alternatives

Documentary fails to prevent new dolphin hunt *PIC*
Tiger cub dies at Calgary Zoo
Better Dog Legislation Forum September 9, 2010
Humane Society case withdrawn *PIC*
UBC fears animal activists' campaign
Shawn Eccles SPCA member Animal Research Committee. agonizes over his job
I don't understand Shawn Eccles' moral confusion

CKNW 980 interviews No Whales in Captivity Sunday at 5:00. Please phone in!
Silence Against Abuse, Will Never Help The Abused...
SPCA dog disposer avoids killing biting dog in Maple Ridge
SPCA still has 13 dog-catcher contracts to kill pets for money *LINK* *PIC*
This seizure of Ray by the Surrey SPCA, was very personal

Cruel 19th Century Circus comes to BC *PIC*
Treat wild 'guests' at cabin kindly
Alleged dog dragging leads to charges *PIC*
Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized *PIC*
To the Yukon Humane Society: Hunter (Smiley) did not get the chance he deserved...
Re: To the Yukon Humane Society: Hunter (Smiley) did not get the chance he deserved...
Re: To the Yukon Humane Society: Hunter (Smiley) did not get the chance he deserved...

Cat parasite may cause mental illness
SPCA refuses to take back biting Jack Russell terrier
Please do NOT give the dog to the SPCA
Brutal bs'ing bullying

B.C. court slaps injunction on UVic's planned bunny massacre
Court injunction halts UVic rabbit cull *PIC*

Delta mulls pit bull rules
Dog owners, not the animals, are the problem

Baby Rhino Falls Victim to Military Style Poachers *PIC*
Trophy Hunters Use Bait to Lure Wolves with BC government approval
Write Penner, the Minister of the Environment

So nice to read that Iraqis love dogs now *PIC*
Half of all dogs overfed; many are obese
I saw many obese dogs in my work

Buddhist Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi is nothing but a sordid theme park *PIC*
Buddhist liars and animal abusers exposed on CBC radio's "In the Field" *LINK*

Coombs parrot refuge will take in 350 feral bunnies from UVic
Barcelona region makes bull fighting unlawful
Red Deer citizens rally to save dog-attacking beavers
Meat Market Looms For BC Horses: Must be rehomed by July 26 *PIC*
Inspiring North Shore dog rescue *NM* *LINK*
Bear with jar on head now bareheaded *PIC*
I eat veggies, hear me roar *PIC*
Can anyone adopt Rupert, a miniature Schnauzer at the Vancouver Pound? *LINK* *PIC*
Terrified, crying donkey forced to parasail for advertising stunt *PIC*
Sign petition to condemn this cruelty *LINK* *PIC*
Terror and pain
Thank you so much everyone for adding your cry for compassion to the donkey's cries of terror
People who enjoy watching suffering animals should be charged too
The staggering inhumanity
I live with several donkeys who definitely dislike water *LINK*
How we treat the powerless is a measure of our humanity
These kinds of cretins also like dog fights and cock fights
This stunt sure wouldn't tempt me to buy whatever they're trying to sell
That donkey would be home with me right now if I lived closer
I have a fear of heights
Russia's parasailing donkey to fly no more

See you tonight!
Petition to help stop penned hunting of coyotes in Florida!
Salt Spring woman finds home for UVic rabbits
ACTION ALERT: Park Board to vote on whale and dolphin plebiscite Monday July 19, 7 pm
Georgia Straight poll *LINK*
No Whales In Captivity urging referendum since 1994
Tips for Monday 19 @7 PM Park Board Whale Referendum Meeting
Georgia Straight: Life and death in a toilet bowl for captive dolphins *LINK*

Flock of 18 Canada geese beaten, shot in New Jersey town *PIC*
Salt Spring woman finds home for UVic rabbits *PIC*
Pijac against the closing of Pet Stores
Baghdad kills more than 58,000 stray dogs *PIC*
Be sure to watch on Global, July 28 at 10 pm: CANADA: NO COUNTRY FOR ANIMALS
Fur-Bearer Defenders announced that it will pledge up to $50,000 to save the UVic rabbits *LINK*
Abused dog recovering *PIC*
4 horses dead, 1 rider injured at Calgary Stampede
Vote YES to ban calf roping *LINK*
British animal rights group The League Against Cruel Sports joins call for ban *PIC*

BILL C-544 - A BILL TO BAN HORSE SLAUGHTER IN CANADA What you can do to help!
Dogs and Primates Freed from Lab *PIC*
Stop UBC Animal Research annual general meeting agenda and dates
Time, place, food details: Stop UBC Animal Research annual general meeting agenda and dates

Farms breed indiffernce to cruelty
Dogs and Primates Freed from Lab this Independence Day Weekend! *LINK*
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Sea Otter Slaughter Stopped
Meat eaters disconnect
Global TV: Dog dragged behind car.
Canada's goose is cooked in one Oregon town
BC man shoots grizzly, cubs *PIC*
The captured rabbits will be sterilized and relocated or euthanized by undisclosed methods
Vancouver Aquarium's baby beluga Nala dies *PIC*
Aboriginals are not going to die if they never eat whale-meat again
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