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Animal Protection Act or Animal "exploiter" protection??

Published in the Whitehorse Star, Jan 9/09.
Yukon News on an 14/09...For the Animals!!

Animal neglect is Alive and bloody well in Yukon. The Humane Society is once again full of dogs and many cats (these are the fortunate ones). I have yet to hear the president of the Humane Society publicly address this ongoing crisis. Too political, I guess.

Bylaw Services continue to pick up dogs, yet John Taylor (the bylaw manager) does not appear to want to confront Kwanlin Dun First Nation on the animal neglect/abuse in McIntyre were many dogs are picked up. Mr. Taylor is on record saying that they (Kwanlin Dun) have their own Government. Yet under the banner of City of Whitehorse he is using a great deal of resources catching dogs, without addressing the cause of the problem. Perhaps Mr. Taylor does not want to see empty cages at the City Pound. You can't excape this, Mr. Taylor.

The Animal Protection Act is just that. An Act! (Where is the new Act, anyway?). Lip service and flimsy laws for "them" and the "right" for "us" to pretty much do what we (the speciest) want to do with them. Many dogs and puppies are left out in the extreme cold without proper food and shelter (many dogs perish from this neglect). Many dogs all over the Yukon are shot (also by RCMP), but this does not seem to bother Ken Kilpatrick who is overseeing this "New" Act, as long as dogs are killed "humanely", he said dureing the public cosultation meeting last May. Shooting/killing 74 dogs outside Dawson was not an issue in the eyes of Governement. You can tell yourself all you want that killing healthy dogs or any other animal because they are no longer wanted is "humane". There is nothing humane about it. It is cruel and inhumane.

Mr. Kilpatrick said that this government wanted this new act to pass in the fall. Last fall! So, while animal abuse/cruelty continues the animal exploiters and killers continue to be protected and the animals have no meaningful laws to protect them. "Larger Than Life" Yukon, eh? What is the definition of this slogan? You know what's so funny (and not so funny)? Yukon's slogan just does not add up. It's meaningless (just like the current Animal Protection Act).

CBC is more than happy to give free advertising to exploiters and killers of animals i.e; Mushers and trappers. Heck even then Department of Environment will set traps that pose a threat to many animals, just to support other exploiters and killers of animals i.e the farmer on the Mayo Rd.

Animals need and deserve the right to be protected. And as it stands, the victory is for their exploiters!

If we society are serious about 'Animal Protection', then animals need serious laws for the RCMP and Bylaw Services to enforce. These laws must be clear to everyone!
"Stakeholders" should not be given special priviliage on what they what do to animals. One law for all. For the animals.

Mike Grieco