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Which lucky soul will get the "Animal Courage Award"? *LINK* *PIC*

This is my most favourite of all the categories, as I find it to be so perfectly hypocritical. The "Animal Courage Award" is "presented in recognition of an animal rescued by the SPCA who has shown exceptional courage and resilience in the face of physical or emotional suffering".

Aside from the fact that this award could be given to every animal that has survived life in an SPCA Alcatraz, the sheer hypocrisy lies in what is done to those not worthy of the award - in other words, those who do not show courage and resilience. Those who aren't resilient enough to pass CAMP assessment are killed by the SPCA.

A case in point: Brenda and Tamra, two frightened, timid, cocker spaniel puppy mill dogs killed last spring by Kamloops SPCA. The reason for killing them? In then Interior Regional Manager, now Chief Operating Officer, Bob Busch's words - the dogs showed "extreme fear and anxiety."

Sorry Brenda and Tamra, no award for you, only the needle and a premature death. You just couldn't hack it.

Lynda Miller, ex-SPCA volunteer with Freckles (on her back) and Brenda (looking at camera). Lynda asked to adopt Brenda but the SPCA killed her and Lynda only found out much later. See pictures of Ivy and Kelly, the lucky dogs that Lynda was allowed to adopt, at....

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Which lucky soul will get the "Animal Courage Award"? *LINK* *PIC*