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In Prince George BC there is a trailer park that is home to many feral cats and kittens. All the cats need to be spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and treated for infections and parasites. With no immunities, the kittens are especially sick and often die.


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Every year, dogs die from being left in hot cars. Many people don't realize how quickly a car can become dangerously hot. Even if left in the shade with the windows cracked, cars can become hot enough to cause heatstroke or death in the time it takes to run into a store. According to a study by San Francisco State University's Department of Geosciences, when the outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), a parked car's interior temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) in just 20 minutes.


If we can raise awareness about the dangers of hot cars, fewer dogs will die this summer.


We ask store and mall managers to prominently display this Poster in numerous locations to remind/educate customers of the dangers of leaving their dogs in their cars during the warm summer months.


We also ask that members of the public print copies of the Poster to take to malls and stores nearby and ask that the Posters be displayed.










There is really only one question to ask an abused or suffering, lonely dog: "Dog - what would you like me to do?" And only one answer from the dog: 'GET ME OUT OF HERE!"


People, all of them kind-hearted, persistently natter around the edges of the problem of a suffering dog, wringing their hands and complaining, trying to make authorities do something for the dog that the authorities clearly can't legally do, or clearly don't want to do. These kind people do this even when whatever change the authorities might effect will still leave the dog lonely and isolated and slowly going mad in a pen or on a chain. These good-hearted, but ineffective people are betraying the dog by not taking the only action that the dog desperately needs and wants. They will do this for years while the dog slowly gives up all hope...


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Tillie and her new friends


Julie Davidson of "A Walk In The Park" pet services just sent us some new photos and video of Tillie. Animal Advocates has known and trusted Julie Davidson for at least fifteen years. For years Julie walked Connie and John's dogs (two of them were AAS rescues) and now Julie walks lucky Tillie.


See what Julie said about Tillie, and check out the new photos and video

Mojo's life was saved and she was spayed thanks to our rescue colleague and AAS's donors


From our rescue colleague in the interior of BC:


"I've been looking after Mojo for a few weeks since her family went away to treatment. On May 12th, she gave birth to 12 puppies. She had a good appetite until last Wednesday morning when she stopped eating and started drinking copious amounts of water. She also began discharging a foul smelling blood from her vagina. By Thursday morning I was quite concerned so I brought her to the vet, which I'm able to do thanks to AAS' financial support -- I know that they will cover the bills without question when an animal is suffering..."


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In Memory of Nelson the Bulldog


Even in West Vancouver BC there are some badly abused dogs. Nelson was one of them. Animal Advocates Society has rescued chained dogs in West Vancouver, but we didn't have to rescue Nelson. Jerry West did.


Continue reading to see how Nelson was rescued, what life with his real family was like, and see many more photos



Email to Animal Advocates: "The situation is grim for this dog. She has been kept for four years in a cage measuring 8' by 14', and she is basically fed enough to keep her alive. I feed her whenever the owner is out. Often I give her water as well as she is not checked on a daily basis. Faeces is left in her cage (kept locked) for weeks at a time, and she is rarely walked..."


Continue reading to see how we helped get Tillie out of there

Buddy the Kamloops street dog...


We were told that a number of women in Kamloops BC were terribly concerned about a street-person's German Shepherd dog whose spine and hip bones were alarmingly prominent. Some of these women bought food for Buddy.


But worse than hunger was how Buddy nervously cringed away from the man. The women asked Animal Advocates to help rescue Buddy...


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Hope for "Hopie", an Old Yard Dog


We were told that Hope had been a yard dog for a long time, rarely allowed inside. She never complained so not many people knew about her. Animal Advocates was able to rescue her...


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Saving the Princeton BC Cats


Animal Advocates got one of those emails we get so often get. Someone asks us for help for ownerless cats who they don't have the resources to help and who doesn't want the cats picked up and very possibly killed by the BC SPCA....


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Chip's Happy Ending


Chip (formerly known as "Billy") is saved from destruction at the SPCA – thanks to quick action by Animal Advocates Society of BC and Chip's rescuer, Chip is still alive and happy...


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Phil's Happy Ending


One of Animal Advocates' long-time colleagues in Prince George BC found out that at the Prince George BC SPCA was an old dog who was going to be put down in two days. Her neighbour had "tried" him out and had returned him to the SPCA at which time she was told that he only had two more days to be rehomed or he was going to be put down...


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There's Still Time for Charlotte to Have Happiness


On the side of a busy road Charlotte crouched, about to dart to the other side. Maybe she thought there was food on the other side of the road. She was starving; so thin that there was little of her left.


Charlotte's luck was about to turn. A kind — and proactive person — who noticed Charlotte and quickly pulled over, gently scooped Charlotte up in her arms. AAS was asked to help with Charlotte's vet bills. We said Yes, of course — that is what we do.


Blood work showed what we suspected: that Charlotte was in renal failure. But her life was not over, not yet...


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Buddy RisingStar


AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills:


"Buddy RisingStar was found at the gas station in Lytton. Some customers agreed to take him until his owner turned up. After posting signs around town, nobody came forward..."


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AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills:


"I was contacted about a youngster's dog Raymond. There are four children in this family. A couple of years ago their father passed away shortly after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Afterwards, their mom got them a dog that the eight-year old son decided to name after his father; hence, Raymond..."


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Cache Creek Barn Cats


AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills:


"A family of cats were dumped at a farm near Cache Creek. Three of them were pregnant and the fourth was a male..."


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Darling Nibbles made it!


After seeing the condition that Nibbles was in, Cache Creek vet, Dr Quinn Gavaga (always called Doctor Quinn), called our rescue colleague to tell her that Nibbles was starting to really deteriorate and the surgery couldn't wait. He opened her up and found her intestine had been torn and feces was leaking into her body cavity, and two feet of her punctured intestine had to be removed. Doctor Quinn gave her a 50-50 chance.


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9-year old miniature poodles need homes.  Do not have to go together. Health good - just checked. Email

Shoe-Box Cat


From our rescue colleague in the interior of BC:


"Yesterday I returned from an appointment to find a large empty shoe box on my porch. When I looked around I found a young cat – maybe only 10 months old, with a very badly infected leg/foot..."


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Two Dogs and Dying Puppies Rescued from Backyard Hell


Two German Shepherds lived in the mud and feces of a backyard in East Vancouver Canada for three years - where their scant food was thrown on the ground, and water was often only what rainwater they could find. Over the years many litters of pups were born. The puppies who survived were sold, but many didn't survive...


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Lytton Horse Rescue Video


Animal Advocates has been providing financial help to feed about 40 horses near Lytton BC. Our colleague in Lytton who is doing the feeding just sent us a video. Click the link below to check it out!


Watch the Video

Squamish Reserves Spay & Neuter / Health Campaign


Animal Advocates is very pleased to announce that we are partnering with Squamish Neighbourhood Animal Partnership and Protection Society (S.N.A.P.P.S.) on a Squamish Reserves Spay & Neuter / Health Campaign.


S.N.A.P.P.S. is directing the campaign on seven Squamish reserves and Animal Advocates Society is making it possible by paying the bills.


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Reserve Dog Rescue - Sakura


"I just got this dog today and she has a big gash under her arm. We think that she is about nine months old. She was given to a new home when the original owners had a baby. She had a harness on her that was too tight and just left permanently on even though wet."


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Zeus' Happy Ending


Animal Advocates reserve dog rescue: "Zeus is a young male dog belonging to a family with three children. Last year the family lost everything in a house fire. They are now in their new home and they got their children a dog. The kids adore Zeus, as much as he adores them."


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Nelson Goes Back to School


For the second year is a row, Nelson was invited to show school kids what dog rescue is all about


The North Shore News video


Nelson's rescue story and more video

Jewel update


We've added more photos, more story from her new family, and a video to Jewel's page ...


Read Jewel's update and see the new pictures and video

Allie was a worn-out breeder...


Animal Advocates Society gets many pleas for help to pay medical bills for rescued dogs. Allie was a worn-out breeder saved by a family who needed her as much as she needed them. But when the medical bills mounted up beyond the single mother's ability to pay, AAS stepped in and paid $500 so that Allie didn't suffer.


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AAS paid another $1300 of SNAPPS' vet bills


S.N.A.P.P.S. is leading animal protection and welfare on reserves in BC. This includes two reserves, Xwmélch'sten [Capilano] and Eslha7an [Mission], covering North and West Vancouver.


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Baha's Story


"Hello Animal Advocates, Can you help us with a very sick puppy named Baha? I was looking at Prince George Freecycle last night and that is where I found a lady who posted that she had 2 puppies to give away. One of the puppies is the one that we rescued from this home and need help for.


Baha's condition is horrible. She has sores on her tummy, her legs, muzzle, and her eyes are red all around the edges. She has scabs on her stomach and legs and her muzzle from scratching so much."


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Grover — Almost the Last Dog Gassed


Grover is saved from death twice. Then a third time by Animal Advocates. Funny-looking little Grover was afraid of men, so the pound in Elliot Lake, Manitoba labelled him "unadoptable". Being unadoptable got Grover put on the death list. Poor little Grover was the final dog waiting to be gassed.


Read what Animal Advocates did to save Grover from death

Jewel's Happy Ending


Animal Advocates gets email pleas to help suffering dogs every day. Jewel was one of those. She was being physically beaten and neglected. She was tethered to a fence with just one foot of rope for days at a time. She was rescued by two smart women with the help of Animal Advocates' years of experience and its incredibly generous donors.


Read Jewel's Happy Ending Rescue Story

Lytton Horse Rescue


"Dear AAS, I was told that you might be able to provide financial help to feed about 40 horses near Lytton BC. The horses are in many groups spread over a 20 mile stretch, but they have come together a bit more since I started feeding them regularly, which is good as I think they are burning less energy with less wandering up and down the roadways."


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Cat Shelters in the Homes of Rescuers


Animal Advocates has assisted with cat rescue by paying the expenses of cat shelters located in the homes of rescuers. These rescuers do all the heavy lifting but don't have enough money to pay the considerable expenses and no time to do fundraising.


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Maynard the Cat is Rescued


Over a long cold Winter, the old orange cat huddled under one porch after another in a neighbourhood in a Northern BC town. A known cat-rescuer was told about the old cat by several concerned people. But each time she was told where he was, he had crept away, still searching for food and warmth and help. His coat was matted right down to his skin so that it held his back legs together. He crept because stretching his skin to walk was terribly painful.


Read Maynard's Rescue Story

Lisa's Moonlight Rescue


Animal Advocates Society was called by four different people in this dog's neighbourhood, and all of them had called the SPCA, one for many years. She lived (if you can call it living), on this chain for eight to ten years, her whole world just the porch and a plot of dirt at the bottom of the stairs, which was covered in many piles of diarrhoea.


Read Lisa's Moonlight Rescue Story

SNAPPS' Rescue Work on the Brackendale Reserve


"Another trip! More calls for help which netted us 5 cats today. All have arrived for spay or neuter. And all 5 will be returned on Tuesday. On the return trip, we will search for 4 little kittens said to have been seen frequently roaming..."


Read This Story

BC SPCA kills dog after raising $12,000 for knee surgery


From the Coast Reporter: The Sunshine Coast SPCA is asking for donations to help give Rocko, a severely abused five-year-old Labrador mix, a second chance at a happy, pain-free life.


AAS comment: The horrible irony is that the SPCA killed Rocko, claiming he was dangerous, without doing the surgery. Rocko bit someone. Could that be because he was in the terrible pain the SPCA said he was in when begging for money from trusting donors? This is very far from the first time the SPCA has used a poster dog or cat to extract donations and then killed the poster cat or dog.


Read Rocco's Story

Snow's Moonlight Rescue


Neighbours told us that Snow was kept for years in a filthy side yard as a guard dog. The BC SPCA in this municipality had been called many times by many neighbours. The provincial Protection of Cruelty to Animals Act could have been used to help Snow. In fact, he could have been seized without a warrant because he was so clearly in critical distress. So too could have Animal Advocates Society's "Humane Treatment of Dogs" bylaws in this municipality have been used to help him.


Read Snow's Moonlight Rescue Story

Nelly's Happy Ending


A Prince George BC colleague, just one of several AAS colleagues watching out for feral cats and abused dogs in Northern BC, happened to see an ad on Craigslist for a used Rottweiler. The Rottie was being sold because "she wasn't a good guard dog"...


Read Nelly's Happy Ending Rescue Story

Ranger's Moonlight Rescue


Ranger was rescued from a grow-op, where he was penned in a small enclosure with concrete floor, visited only once a day to be fed, and then hit when he got excited and jumped up to see his human once a day. No agency could help Ranger so he was rescued. "Animal Advocates brought him to my daughter and me for fostering, until he healed and could find a forever home. Of course, within a couple of weeks we knew we couldn't let him go..."


Read Ranger's Moonlight Rescue Story

Jeep's Moonlight Rescue


We got one of those phone calls that we have to brace ourselves to hear. It was from a single woman, elderly, in tears about the new puppy next door. The parents put him out on a chain a few days after getting him. A few days later, the children stopped coming out to play with him. So he cried his baby heart out day and night, only stopping if he thought he heard someone coming to him, or from exhaustion.


Read Jeep's Moonlight Rescue Story

Tyke, a lucky "Midnight Rescue" update: from a garage to this!


From Tyke's family:


Just wanted you to know that Tyke still loves boating; this picture is of Michael and Tyke returning to our boat after some "shore leave" last week. It is difficult to see in the picture, but he IS wearing his life jacket.


Tyke is getting a bit deaf, but otherwise had a great check-up a couple of months ago. He still races to the beach when I tell him we are going to the boat. We still do our daily nice long walks and he is very limber, folks are surprised to hear his age. After all these years, his separation anxiety has not changed; Tyke is 12-1/2 now and we have had him 7-1/2 years.


Cheers, Eileen and Michael


Read Tyke's rescue story here

Nelson goes to school!


Our latest video follows Nelson on his trip to school, where he met Mrs Brumec and her grade 4-5 class who had raised $600 for Nelson!


See the new video


See Nelson's page with full story, pictures, and videos

Sherman the Shepherd was saved from possibly Captain's fate by alert dog rescuer


Sherman was advertised on Craigslist as a "Free Dog". He was originally owned by an older couple who kept him chained as a guard dog. He had been on the end of that chain for many years, never once allowed inside the house or given the opportunity to sleep on a comfortable bed.


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Chilliwack Reserve Kitten Rescue


"I got a call from a woman on a reserve who had discovered 3 kittens who were living with their feral mom under a trailer. The people who occupied the trailer were moving out and they were having a very loud going away party. They had told this woman that they were going leave the cats there when they left."


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Alley Kittens Rescued: Jayke Nurses Them


The person who found them brought them to us and the kittens immediately took to the bottle. Because I had to go on an overnight field trip with my students to Kamloops, I asked another rescuer, Vicky, to help look after them for the night. Her dog, Jayke, immediately took to them and began to clean them and keep them warm.


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Merritt Facebook Kittens Rescued


A Facebook user posted that she had five orphaned kittens that she needed someone to take. Another user arranged to take them but after one night, she realized that her life was too busy to take on bottle feeding five newborn kittens. In turn, she posted a Facebook message, that a former student of mine. Sheresa, read. Sheresa gave her my name and at 9:30 on a Wednesday night, we were off to Merritt to rescue the kittens.


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Chico is about 8 years old. He is very happy with my dogs and very social. We are calling him Chico because he was a little cheeky with my husband - wagging his tail and barking when my husband tried to play with him.


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Blazer is an old guy, semi-feral and father of many litters! When we first caught him he literally busted out of the kennel, not once but twice. We had to duct tape the kennel shut this time.


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Bubba Gets Out Of Prison


If you look closely at the photos you can see the dear fellow staring at the gate waiting for someone to come. The whole time I was taking these photos I was talking to him and as you can see I had no response at all, no head up or tail wag, it broke my heart.


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Hap's Happy Ending


Animal Advocates got an email about a chained dog that is sadly, still common. It was originally sent to the SPCA, but when nothing improved for the dog it was sent to AAS. As you read Hap’s story keep in mind that the SPCA is the pound in this place, and since it does not do home-checks before or even after its "adoptions", Hap's abuser might have purchased him from the SPCA.


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Last weekend an old hound showed up in our town. We named him Ernest. He is probably is 8-10 years of age and very sweet and good natured. He is very social with people and other dogs he has met. He had a big cut on the inside of his leg so...


More photos and story


Crown seeking 4-6 months jail and lifetime ban on owning animals for Brian Whitlock (Captain's owner)


Today (June 4, 2013) was supposed to be the day that Brian Whitlock received his sentence from Provincial Court Judge David St. Pierre. But St. Pierre reserved his sentencing decision, saying he wanted more time to read everything and articulate his decision. As far as we know, the sentencing hearing will continue on June 12 at 2:00 PM.


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Can Hong-Kong’s animal protection laws be used to ban rodeo in BC?


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Could Hong-Kong’s Animal Cruelty laws have been used to arrest the beaten Boston Terrier’s Cowichan owner?


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The home must have no other dogs, and be in the Greater Vancouver area so that if need be he can go to the New Westminster eye specialist.
Nelson is 90lbs but walks very easily on leash.


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Would Animal Advocates be able to help with some of this poor cat's vet costs? He was brought to my house by someone who found him in a wood pile. I've named him Woody.

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My name is Elijah. I decided that instead of people bringing me presents, I wanted them to bring toonies to my birthday party. So many people brought me a toonie...


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Brian Whitlock pled guilty to animal cruelty on Tuesday April 9. He will be sentenced in June (almost a year after Captain was found in the dumpster).


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I found her smashed and broken on the side of the road. She had no collar and no ID just as though she had no reality – a RESERVE THROW-AWAY DOG. I put a collar and a tag on her when I picked her up just to give her a moment of someone caring that she existed. I named her "Miss Daisy".


Read her story

Andy The Burdock Dog


Another call to AAS for help - this time for Andy...


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The WatchDog Blog: Frozen to death, shy but happy "Dorado" now in a happier place


The mushing industry's hypocritical p.r., as in this article, is so pervasive in the industry when dogs are murdered, as when unusable puppies and worn-out adults are "culled", that we have to assume the p.r. works with the largely unthinking public.


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Nelson the blind dog being helped by sighted dog, Binny


Every rescued dog makes all the work worthwhile, but seeing a blind dog walk so confidently, just like all the other dogs, and to know how much he must love being up the mountain with his pack, and then to see him crashed on a bed with healthy exhaustion when he gets home... well... you dog-lovers don't need me to tell you.


Watch the video

Tilly gets our help

Tilly had just been hit by a car, causing a punctured lung to leak 600 ml of air into her abdomen.  So when AAS was asked...


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Reserve Cat Rescue


Seven more cats from reserves around Cache Creek, Bella, Cairo, Edward, Hannah, Missy-Toes, Picky-Picky, and Shadow...


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Rexi and Her Loving Family... Still Together


Rexi is a 7-month old pup who comes from a loving home of eight children. Rexi was about 4 weeks old when she was found wandering along Hwy 1.


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Dog and Cat Breeding Regulations Introduced in the Legislature by MLA Jane Thornthwaite


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THE WATCHDOG BLOG: The Hidden Suffering of Garage Dogs


I recently had an email inquiry from someone who was worried about a neighbor’s dog that has been locked up in a garage during the daytime for many months (there was no mention of night time hours). The dog appeared to be very distressed, and was said to spend large parts of the day whining and barking, and generally sounding distressed.


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THE WATCHDOG BLOG: "Effing breeders..."


The other day I met a woman who told me she’s been “rescuing” animals all her life. She invited me to come by and meet her dogs. I did drop by and met her 3 “rescue” dogs.


We are having tea when she tells me she had 17 puppies last summer. “From where?” I choked. “Oh from these guys” she says, waving her hand at her 1 male, 2 female standard poodles. “But I’m not going to do that anymore, it’s getting to be too much work.”


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Hi AAS, I was reading some stories on your website – saw the ones about people rescuing dogs….I am in the ranks of “law abiding” citizens who have done that….my beloved black lab I saved from backyard hell. One day a friend and I put on our sunglasses and ball caps, and armed with chicken nuggets went to the house and took the dog for a “walk”.

More photos more story



Just a short time ago Star was dying, all alone … in a box … in the dark ….. and in the freezing cold. Now, she’s as alive as any dog could be. She has a family to romp and play with every day. She sleeps in a warm bed every night...


Keep reading for more story and photos (Scroll down the page for the latest news)