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Ozzie was a very sick lost old cat when he found shelter on a porch. He was emaciated down to skin and bones. His long fur was matted all over his body. It was so tight between his legs that walking was painful for poor Ozzie. Who knows how far the poor old boy struggled to walk until he gave up and huddled on that porch.


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Another appeal to AAS, one of hundreds asking us to help an abused dog.


"I live next to a dog who does not have a good life. His totally wrong name is Brutus. He is what you would call a 'yard dog'. A neighbour told me that he's been there for four years. He is penned alone outside all day every day, as well as every night. He's been left for up to 18 hours without food or water, and sometimes the water is frozen, so I sneak over and give him water..."


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When we got the call to help a wandering dog with no I.D. it was clear he had been hit by a car. His jaw was distended at a bizarre angle and one eye had hemorrhaged and was very red. Despite being overbooked, the vet made room for him and he determined that, yes, the dog was most likely hit by a car and his jaw was broken.


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When we first saw Joe he was starving, matted, dirty and lost. But most horrifying were his paws. They looked like they had been burned in a fire.


We took him immediately to our vet, who told us that Joe had stepped into acid. How the burns got up his legs we will never know. We hope it wasn't deliberately done to this gentle soul.


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Zoey embraces her new life with passion and energy


AAS got this email, one of hundreds we get a year asking us to help an abused dog:


"Two weeks ago we rescued a young dog who had been mainly in a crate outside in the rain and cold and heat for her whole life and the people who owned her moved away and left her! She was emaciated! We took her home in hopes of keeping her, however, she is an extremely active dog and we don't have time to train her properly."


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Sweet (and stinky!) Dougie rescued after being abandoned and fending for himself for months


We got a call regarding a wandering abandoned dog who appeared to have been attacked by some wild animal or other dogs.


Dougie had been abandoned by his owners several months before. We searched and found him. He had heart-rending injuries to his neck and ears, and his putrid odour from festering wounds filled our car. He continually licked our hands and rubbed his head against us. He was terrified of being in a car, but he was so sweet. He seemed to understand we were trying to help him...


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Saving Midnight


For at least two years Midnight hung out under this trailer being fed by the kind person who contacted AAS. She warned us that he had been scratching his ears for so long that they were bloody and full of pus, but even after many years of cat rescue, we were horrified by what we saw.


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Our long-time post office shut down recently so we have been forced to change our mailing address. Please update your records to:


Box 32, RPO Edgemont Village
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 4X1


Breaking Bad Law - Quotes


From 130 BC to the present, voices that encode the crucial role of civil disobedience in changing bad law and furthering social progress.


"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable."


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Ellie's rescue and lifelong care - 76 maggots can't keep Ellie down


"I received a call this morning to pick up a sick kitten someone found. Her anus and vagina were full of maggots and she is quite dehydrated. I've bathed the area, given her an enema and I'm trying to hydrate her by injecting saline under her skin. I can't find a vet open or willing to take her today..."


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In Prince George BC there is a trailer park that is home to many feral cats and kittens. All the cats need to be spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and treated for infections and parasites. With no immunities, the kittens are especially sick and often die.


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There is really only one question to ask an abused or suffering, lonely dog: "Dog - what would you like me to do?" And only one answer from the dog: 'GET ME OUT OF HERE!"


People, all of them kind-hearted, persistently natter around the edges of the problem of a suffering dog, wringing their hands and complaining, trying to make authorities do something for the dog that the authorities clearly can't legally do, or clearly don't want to do. These kind people do this even when whatever change the authorities might effect will still leave the dog lonely and isolated and slowly going mad in a pen or on a chain. These good-hearted, but ineffective people are betraying the dog by not taking the only action that the dog desperately needs and wants. They will do this for years while the dog slowly gives up all hope...


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Mojo's life was saved and she was spayed thanks to our rescue colleague and AAS's donors


From our rescue colleague in the interior of BC:


"I've been looking after Mojo for a few weeks since her family went away to treatment. On May 12th, she gave birth to 12 puppies. She had a good appetite until last Wednesday morning when she stopped eating and started drinking copious amounts of water. She also began discharging a foul smelling blood from her vagina. By Thursday morning I was quite concerned so I brought her to the vet, which I'm able to do thanks to AAS' financial support -- I know that they will cover the bills without question when an animal is suffering..."


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Email to Animal Advocates: "The situation is grim for this dog. She has been kept for four years in a cage measuring 8' by 14', and she is basically fed enough to keep her alive. I feed her whenever the owner is out. Often I give her water as well as she is not checked on a daily basis. Faeces is left in her cage (kept locked) for weeks at a time, and she is rarely walked..."


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Buddy the Kamloops street dog...


We were told that a number of women in Kamloops BC were terribly concerned about a street-person's German Shepherd dog whose spine and hip bones were alarmingly prominent. Some of these women bought food for Buddy.


But worse than hunger was how Buddy nervously cringed away from the man. The women asked Animal Advocates to help rescue Buddy...


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Cache Creek Barn Cats


AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills:


"A family of cats were dumped at a farm near Cache Creek. Three of them were pregnant and the fourth was a male..."


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Darling Nibbles made it!


After seeing the condition that Nibbles was in, Cache Creek vet, Dr Quinn Gavaga (always called Doctor Quinn), called our rescue colleague to tell her that Nibbles was starting to really deteriorate and the surgery couldn't wait. He opened her up and found her intestine had been torn and feces was leaking into her body cavity, and two feet of her punctured intestine had to be removed. Doctor Quinn gave her a 50-50 chance.


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Two Dogs and Dying Puppies Rescued from Backyard Hell


Two German Shepherds lived in the mud and feces of a backyard in East Vancouver Canada for three years - where their scant food was thrown on the ground, and water was often only what rainwater they could find. Over the years many litters of pups were born. The puppies who survived were sold, but many didn't survive...


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Baha's Story


"Hello Animal Advocates, Can you help us with a very sick puppy named Baha? I was looking at Prince George Freecycle last night and that is where I found a lady who posted that she had 2 puppies to give away. One of the puppies is the one that we rescued from this home and need help for.


Baha's condition is horrible. She has sores on her tummy, her legs, muzzle, and her eyes are red all around the edges. She has scabs on her stomach and legs and her muzzle from scratching so much."


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Grover — Almost the Last Dog Gassed


Grover is saved from death twice. Then a third time by Animal Advocates. Funny-looking little Grover was afraid of men, so the pound in Elliot Lake, Manitoba labelled him "unadoptable". Being unadoptable got Grover put on the death list. Poor little Grover was the final dog waiting to be gassed.


Read what Animal Advocates did to save Grover from death

Jewel's Happy Ending


Animal Advocates gets email pleas to help suffering dogs every day. Jewel was one of those. She was being physically beaten and neglected. She was tethered to a fence with just one foot of rope for days at a time. She was rescued by two smart women with the help of Animal Advocates' years of experience and its incredibly generous donors.


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Lytton Horse Rescue


"Dear AAS, I was told that you might be able to provide financial help to feed about 40 horses near Lytton BC. The horses are in many groups spread over a 20 mile stretch, but they have come together a bit more since I started feeding them regularly, which is good as I think they are burning less energy with less wandering up and down the roadways."


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BC SPCA kills dog after raising $12,000 for knee surgery


From the Coast Reporter: The Sunshine Coast SPCA is asking for donations to help give Rocko, a severely abused five-year-old Labrador mix, a second chance at a happy, pain-free life.


AAS comment: The horrible irony is that the SPCA killed Rocko, claiming he was dangerous, without doing the surgery. Rocko bit someone. Could that be because he was in the terrible pain the SPCA said he was in when begging for money from trusting donors? This is very far from the first time the SPCA has used a poster dog or cat to extract donations and then killed the poster cat or dog.


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Hap's Happy Ending


Animal Advocates got an email about a chained dog that is sadly, still common. It was originally sent to the SPCA, but when nothing improved for the dog it was sent to AAS. As you read Hap’s story keep in mind that the SPCA is the pound in this place, and since it does not do home-checks before or even after its "adoptions", Hap's abuser might have purchased him from the SPCA.


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Reserve Cat Rescue


Seven more cats from reserves around Cache Creek, Bella, Cairo, Edward, Hannah, Missy-Toes, Picky-Picky, and Shadow...


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Just a short time ago Star was dying, all alone … in a box … in the dark ….. and in the freezing cold. Now, she’s as alive as any dog could be. She has a family to romp and play with every day. She sleeps in a warm bed every night...


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