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Same Director holds fundraising dinner where dead lambs are used to raise money *LINK*

To raise funds for maintenance and “to bring it up to some standards,” the shelter’s community council coordinates events such as this dinner in partnership with Gypsy at Red.

“Gypsy at Red are such a huge supporter of the BCSPCA,” Wrigley said.

Dinner plus a glass of wine, costs $55, from which $35 will cover costs and $20 will go to the Trail Shelter.

Wrigley’s involvement comes from her “love of animals,” and she hopes similar sentiments —and a love of good food — will bring a hearty crowd out to the Gypsy at Red for an evening of fun.

AAS comment: The love of good food supercedes the love of animals. The menu includes lambs. Dead of course. Almost certainly killed after being wrenched from their mothers and killed. The slaughtering may kill the lambs quickly or it may not. Typically they are trucked or shipped long distances, crying piteously, driven into abattoirs where their throats are slit, sometimes not successfully, so some slowly die hanging from their feet as they swing down the line. That is what the SPCA is making money from. That is just as cruel as the way some of the sled dogs died. Bob Fawcett is vilified and threatened by the SPCA with criminal charges for not quickly killing some of the dogs, and the SPCA, unless it knows that the lambs have died instantly, makes money from the same thing. To eat or not to eat animals is a private decision, but it is not animal welfare.

Diners are encouraged to buy tickets in advance, either at Gypsy at Red, Tails Pet Supplies, or at the Trail Shelter.

For more information, contact Sue Wrigley at 362-5332. The dinner starts at 6 p.m. on April 9.

Viewers could clearly see blood gush from the open wound and then the immediate aftermath as each lamb still twitched...