Promise to Animals and Mission Statement

AAS promises you:

We will never kill you because you’re old, ill, homely, upset, matted, withdrawn, untrusting, snapping, noisy, or poop too much.

We will never label you "unadoptable", so you can be killed and forgotten, as though you never existed. And we will never kill you for your "owner" for money.

We will work tirelessly to get you out of your prisons in zoos, aquariums, cages, pens, pet stores, and backyards, by showing your suffering to the world, getting laws changed, and by lovingly looking after you and giving you the life your heart craves and deserve.

We will work tirelessly to expose the sham of false animal-welfare, everywhere that you are being used and cruelly neglected to serve self-interested goals.

AAS Mission Statement:

We will not kill an animal in our care because it would be too expensive to save it, or because no one wants it.

We believe no animal should be manipulated, hurt, or confined in order to serve a human want – whether for amusement, profit, sport, research, food, or education.

We support true animal welfare groups which really work to stop factory farming, zoos, hunting, animal-entertainment, and other cruel uses of our fellow animals, and we support true no-kill shelters.

We believe respect for all life is equally important to the progress of peace on earth.

We believe the way we treat animals, the earth, and each other, are one and the same, and when we help one, we help all.

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