Animal Poems


Poems for animals

I wish someone would tell me what it is that I've done wrong, and why I must be chained outside and left alone so long.
They seemed so glad to have me, when I came here as a pup. There were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.
The master said he'd train me, as a companion dog and friend. The mistress said she'd never fear to be alone again.
The children said they'd feed me and brush me every day. They'd play with me and walk me if I could only stay.
But now the master hasn't time, the mistress says I shed. She won't allow me in the house, not even to be fed.
The children never walk me, they always say not now. I wish that I could please them, why won't they tell me how?
All I had to give was love, so someone please explain. Just why they said they wanted me, and then left me on a chain.

Jim Willis poems

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