Legislative changes we've accomplished
and ones we're working on

No More Yard Dogs

  • The AAS research/report to ban the neglect of backyard dogs in the City of Vancouver. Read the report with many pictures and stories of backyard dogs in Vancouver.

Dog-Breeding Regulations

  • "Too Many Dogs": a proposal for control of dog breeding regulations.

Humane Treatment of Dogs

  • Adopted in eleven BC municipalities, also called anti-tethering or chained-dog laws. Read the bylaw in your municipality.

Pups in Pet Stores

  • The incredible cruelty of puppies in isolation in tiny steel cages with metal-grate bottoms—all for profit.


  • The CatSnip campaign was started...

Cat-Breeding Regulations

  • "Too Many Cats": a humane solution to the problem of thousands of abandoned and euthanized cats. An alternative to cat punishing "round-up-and-kill" legislation.


  • A donation of $750 from the Animal Advocates of BC, along with a reduced rate from Lake Country's Panorama Veterinary Services, allowed Deaton to load up 20 rabbits Monday to be spayed and/or neutered...