Rescued and Sick Animals Fund


AAS uses the donations given to it for spay/neuter programs for dogs, cats, and rabbits, and for our animal advocacy campaigns. But the most important use of the donations sent to AAS is for the rescue and rehabilitation of suffering dogs. That means vet, training, boarding and food bills to pay. We call these expenses our Rescued and Sick Animals Fund.

This is where most of our money goes. Real animal welfare — fixing, not killing — is expensive. Vets and behaviour rehabilitation is what AAS is known for.

Animal Advocates is a registered charity (#834396178 RR0001).

Here are the stories of a very few of the animals that donations to us have helped:


Giving Judith a year and a half of love, kindness, warmth, and fun.


We'll keep paying for Choklit until her future happiness is assured.

Over $3000

Maddie and her pups: vet care, shots, food, board, spaying.


Shorty - his ears almost froze off, but he was rescued...


Finnegan - another old dog dumped at an SPCA and labeled "unadoptable". AAS bought him, got him all fixed up at the vet and found him a home.


Patches - the rat poison dog.


Willow - run over by her "family" who would rather kill her than pay to fix their pup.


Cassie - a chained breeding machine, her muzzle wired shut.


Angelo - the dog no one wanted, starving to death. AAS made sure that didn't happen to him.


Bobby - his "family" poked his eye with a stick and left him to go blind. He's happy now of course.



Giving Betsey a chance for some love at last.


The price to give Braille the unconditional love he was denied by his first "owners". His life had great meaning to us all.


Snow lived on a chain for over ten years. We tried to make up for all that loneliness and misery but he only had a few months of happiness.


Daisy - from an SPCA. Mange so bad she was almost bald.

Kittens and cats

Over the years AAS has spent many thousands to rescue cats and for spay/neuter. Read one story here.


Bernie - AAS bought Bernie from a brutally abusive family the SPCA sold him to.


Yoda - another abused street dog...AAS stopped his beatings.


Jasmine - A back yard puppy mill dog, left alone to give birth in a filthy yard, her pups dying in the heat and flies and dirt. AAS saved them all.


Billy - run over by his "family" and left to fend for himself. Not anymore!

What do we do with the money that trusting people send us?...

Only vets and rehabilitators are paid at Animal Advocates. Volunteers, taking time - sometimes a lot of time - from their private lives, relieve the suffering of helpless animals and prevent cruelty through rescue and advocacy.

Not every animal-lover can do that, but since everything costs money, sending a donation means you're helping in the way you can. Most of the money we receive goes to what we call hands-on expenses - vets, spay and neuter, food, shelter, training, board, rehabilitation, vehicle. The rest goes to advocacy - office, computer, photocopying, telephone, etc.

But every penny is directly helping animals!

Many people have told us to just do one or the other - either the hands-on rescue/rehabilitation/rehoming work, or the advocacy work.

Both jobs are huge!

But we look in the eyes of the suffering animals we are documenting for the advocacy work, and we promise to help them. So that means hands-on must be done too. Advocacy and reform are the things that will make the lives of all suffering animals better, not just the lucky ones we see and help. And so we must do both, hands-on rescue and advocacy. Raising money is last on our list of priorities, but look at the stories below, of individual animals that have benefited from the people who donate to us.

Read Happy Endings to see where much of your money goes.

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