Watch AAS's touching, funny, fearless RESCUE VIDEOS.  At "UNCHAIN OUR FRIENDS" see the AAS campaign and video that forced the BC SPCA to issue a press release announcement that it is going to finally use the law it's had for twenty years to take action for yard dogs - those poor dogs who live helpless lives of miserable neglect, brutal cruelty, and illegal distress, all over BC. The SPCA made that announcement in September 2009 in Prince George BC within weeks of the release of AAS's campaign and video.  Yet to this date, September 2010, AAS continues to get reports of sick, cold, lonely chained dogs from all over BC and even from Prince George. 

Like Hap who endured the misery of isolation, heat, cold, flies, and sores as so many dogs in Prince George do, until he was finally rescued because the BC SPCA would do nothing for him. 

And like Cherry...

Prince George BC where Winters can be -40 degrees and the flies in Summer are thick, especially on dogs that live in their own excrement.  It was in Prince George in October 2009 that the SPCA launched its provincewide campaign to highlight plight of chained dogs

It called this campaign "Break the Chains of Suffering" and a lot of dog-lover and  rescuers thought that meant that the SPCA was not going to let dogs like Cherry suffer any longer.

But it didn't.  Cherry was reported to the SPCA and nothing at all changed.

Nothing at all, even though Cherry's owner was in contravention of the PCA Act in at least two ways.

A moment before this photo was taken, Cherry was  grinning from ear to ear and galloping up to the kind person who had come to touch her and tell her what a  dear girl she is. She was suddenly jerked onto her back when her tether ran out. Cherry was rescued and is now a part of a loving family.

It's clear why this condition is called "cherry eye".

In the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, causing or permitting "distress" is an offence and an animal is in distress if it is:

(a) deprived of adequate food, water, shelter, ventilation, space, care or veterinary treatment,
(b) injured, sick, in pain or suffering, or
(c) abused or neglected.
We count eight causes of distress that Cherry could have been seized for and her owner made an example of by being charged: space, care, veterinary treatment, pain, suffering, abuse, neglect. Some rescuers would say that Cherry was lucky not to end up in the charge of the SPCA in case she had been killed as so many dogs are killed if they are going to take money and committment.  See Puppy Bear Rescued From the SPCA. See also Rocko, the dog who was used to raise $12,000 and then was killed.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to spread our web of compassion for animals. Send the AAS Website to everyone you know who hates cruelty to animals. The power of
animal-lovers joined together by the internet is changing animal protection and welfare in this province.

Use your power for the animals!

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