Cache Creek Barn Cats


AAS got this email from one of our colleagues who rescues dogs and cats on the reserves near her asking if we could pay the vet bills:

"A family of cats were dumped at a farm near Cache Creek. Three of them were pregnant and the fourth was a male. The farm-owners are willing to take care of the cats if I can have them spayed and neutered. Can Animal Advocates pay the vet bills for these cats?"

We said Yes, of course, that is what we do all over BC. And we prevented the birth of possibly 18 kittens who would have produced more kittens, most of which would have died in the first few months of life.


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In spite of the best efforts all the many little groups, BC is still awash in excess cats and kittens both feral and domesticated. The moral duty to prevent their suffering is acted on by hundreds, possibly thousands of women in BC, quietly and without any money but their own or what they can raise at garage sales, without any help from the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA) which still kills too many cats and gives little help to feral cats. Animal Advocates Society of BC (AAS BC) has been paying the vet bills for these cats and women for decades, thanks to the warm-hearted generosity of our donors. You and AAS can help to stop the callous disregard for cats in BC caused by the straightforward and uncaring market force of more product than purchasers. Cat over-production is still so acceptable that without an all-out spay and neuter war, all the unremitting and heart-breaking work these devoted women do cannot stop the cycles of suffering; and there is only so much that women without the BC SPCA's $24 million financial resources can do.

Judy Stone

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