Without Animal Advocates Charlotte Would Have Died on the Side of a Road


Charlotte crouched on the side of a busy road, about to dart to the other side. Maybe she thought there was food on the other side of the road. She was starving; so thin that there was little of her left. She must have been on her own a long time. Soon, what little luck she'd had would run out if she didn't find food and shelter.

But Charlotte's luck was about to turn. An AAS volunteer noticed Charlotte and quickly pulled over, gently scooping her into her arms.

Blood work showed what we suspected: that Charlotte was in renal failure. But her life was not over, not yet. She ate voraciously, a good sign that her failing kidneys had not reached shut-down. There was still time for happiness. AAS paid for all her vet bills needed to make her happy and comfortable at the end of her life, and for her special diet, to make sure she got all the happiness and love that she deserved.

We found her a wonderful foster family who wanted to give her all they could of comfort and joy even if it was only for a short time. People like that family are pure gold. The family owns a thrift store and Charlotte became the "store cat". She liked best to lie on the counter. Purchasers had to pay for their purchases around her. They all were delighted to hear her story and she was patted and cossetted by them all. The memory of that happiness is what Charlotte took with her over the rainbow bridge.


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